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Having Trouble Sleeping? There’s an App For That!

by Ultimate Sleep Staff

If you’re constantly on the hunt for the latest tech to help you sleep, you’ve probably focused on innovations like the new Octaspring Technology touted by Dormeo Mattress. It’s a honeycomb design that combines the best elements of spring coils with the support and comfort of memory foam.

But you can also just go online and download an app to help you sleep. Actually, there are plenty of those today and it can get difficult to pick the best among them. So we’ve done that for you so that you won’t have to lose any sleep over it!

1. Sleep Time

This is free for Android and iPhone users, and it offers a comprehensive report regard all the various aspects of your sleeping experience so you know precisely what part you have to focus on to improve your sleep. This also plays “soundscapes” of rainforest storms and soothing ocean waves to help lull you to sleep.

Its alarm wakes you up in the moment of your lightest sleep, so that you can get out of bed fully energized. It’s not recommended that your alarm wakes you up when you’re at your deepest sleep level, as it will leave you feeling drained and you’ll need an hour to recover.

2. Sleep Cycle

This is a rival to Sleep Time, and it works in similar ways. It uses your smartphone’s mic to monitor your sleep and then in the morning you get a full report. It even tells you how hard and how long you’ve been snoring.

Like Sleep Time, it will wake you up when you’re sleeping at the lightest level. That’s why it doesn’t wake you up at the precise time you request. Instead, you have to pick a 30-minute window to wake up.

3. Pillow

This is free for iPhone users, and it’s fully integrated with Apple’s Health App. Using this app along with the Health App can give you the most comprehensive report on everything that has to do with your sleep.

It’s so complete that it can tell you how various aspects of your life can affect the quality of your sleep. These aspects include your weight and calorie intake, your heart rate and blood pressure, and even your intake of alcohol and caffeine. In other words, it will tell you if you really need to lose weight, if you have to do some cardio, and if you should reduce your pub and coffee shop visits.

4. Relax Melodies

Scientists have found out that slow music and rhythmic natural sounds can soothe many people to fall asleep more quickly. This app has help more than 35 million users fall asleep by offering a mix of gentle music along with calming natural sounds. You can interact with the huge Relax Melodies community and share your favorite sleeping sounds mix, and you can create your own.

5. Recolor

Coloring books have recently become a surprising trend in the publishing industry, and these aren’t for kids. These are for adults, and they’re so popular they’ve dominated the nonfiction bestseller lists. Now you can use the Recolor app so you can get up to a thousand coloring book images on your Android and iPhones smartphones. Every day they add new images.

What’s the point of coloring in these images? The point, as so many adults have discovered, is that it’s a super-effective way of relaxing and relieving stressing. You channel your anxiety into this pursuit, and then along the way you find yourself getting calmer. That gets you ready to go to sleep.

6. Relax and Sleep Well

This is the brainchild of renowned author and clinical hypnotherapist Glenn Harold. The free version for both the iPhone and Android smartphones gives you 4 recordings sued for hypnotherapy and meditation. Shell out for the paid version, and you can get 80 more recordings.

These recordings work similarly to the calming music and gentle natural sounds of Relax Melodies. However, the background sounds here have been specifically designed to lead you to a dreamy state that’s perfect when you’re ready to fall asleep.

7. Good Morning Alarm Clock

Again, this tracks your sleep through the night, so when you wake up in the morning you get a full report on just how well you slept. Before you go to sleep, you can play its relaxing sounds and white noise to lull you to sleep.

It can wake you up in the morning during your lightest phase of sleep. You’re also able to pick from its library of gentle natural sounds to wake you up, so you’re not startled so early in the morning.

Since everyone’s charging their phones at night, why not have these apps working in the background to help you get a full night’s rest? Apps are quite affordable and often free, so if you just bought a new mattress then you may not need to replace it right away if you still can’t sleep quickly.

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