Purple Mattress Prices

The Purple mattress prices aren’t exactly in the cheap category but when the mattress’ excellent quality is considered, the price becomes more reasonable!

Keep in mind that since you will be sleeping for at least eight hours per day, you have to choose the best mattress for the price and every Purple mattress definitely fits the bill.

Below are the latest Purple mattress prices.


The Original Purple Mattress

The Original Purple MattressTwin$649.00
The Original Purple MattressTwin XL$699.00
The Original Purple MattressFull$899.00
The Original Purple MattressQueen$999.00
The Original Purple MattressKing$1,299.00
The Original Purple MattressCalifornia King$1,299.00

The All-New Purple Mattress

The All-New Purple MattressTwin XL$1,299.00
The All-New Purple MattressFull$1,499.00
The All-New Purple MattressQueen$1,599.00
The All-New Purple MattressKing$1,899.00
The All-New Purple MattressCalifornia King$1,899.00

Prices subject to change. Last updated on March 18, 2019 6:23 am.

Company History

Tony and Terry Pearce, brothers in blood and in the engineering profession, created Floam in the early 1990s. They initially used Floam as a cushioning material for medical equipment like wheelchairs. They soon realized that the material can be used for other purposes albeit in combination with other materials.

The Pearce brothers then used a new hyper-elastic polymer material in making their Purple mattresses. The company itself secured part of its financing via a Kickstarter campaign and it has certainly proven its profitability to its investors. Nowadays, Purple is among the fastest-growing companies in the competitive mattress industry, thanks to its combination of high-quality products and creative marketing.

Among its most memorable marketing gimmicks are the Goldilocks and the Raw Egg Test. In the Goldilocks campaign, the company touted that its flagship mattress provided “just the right feeling” in the same way that Goldilocks found “just the right porridge”. In the Raw Egg Test, raw eggs were dropped on top of the mattress to show its pressure relief benefits.

Mattress Construction

Of course, Purple offers several sizes of its flagship mattress – twin XL, king, queen, full, and California king – so there will always be one size that will fit every child, teenager, and adult. The prices vary from around $700 to $1,300 excluding discounts, which the company offers as part of its sales and marketing plan.

The flagship mattress consists of three layers of foam in different types, as well as an elegant cover. Let’s start with the cover since it’s the first thing we see and, thus, it gives us our first impression of a Purple mattress. Made of a blend of polyester, Lycra and viscose material, it has a soft feel and a breathable quality so sufficient airflow into the mattress is possible.

The three layers of a Purple mattress are:

  • The comfort layer consists of a 2-inch hyper-elastic polymer, a material chosen because of its quick responsiveness to pressure and its good bounce quality. This layer was also designed with a grid structure essential in optimum pressure relief and weight distribution. Basically, the grid structure provides a significant give in areas with increased pressure yet still provides good overall support for the sleeper, while the air pockets reduce the risk of sleeping hot.
  • The transition layer consists of a 3.5-inch poly-foam; a transition layer is a must because it provides a smooth transition from the comfort layer to the base layer. This layer also serves as a compression support function for the mattress.
  • The base layer consists of a 4-inch poly-foam with a higher density than the transition layer. This provides the foundation support for the mattress and, thus, ensures that it keeps its shape over several years of regular use.

Emphasis must be made that Purple mattresses aren’t designed with memory foam, a positive thing for people who tend to sleep hot. As much as memory foam has its benefits, especially in body contouring and pressure relief, it responds too quickly to heat from the human body and retains most of the heat, too. Many people complain about overheating when sleeping on a memory foam mattress, especially when the top layer is made of the NASA-developed material.

In terms of firmness, a Purple mattress tends to be in the medium range, usually between 6 and 6.5 in a 1-10 scale with 10 being the firmest. Of course, the feeling of firmness will vary from one individual to the next depending on their weight, sleeping position, and personal preferences.

For most sleepers, nonetheless, the hyper-elastic polymer material used as the top layer has high responsiveness and bounce resulting in one of the best feelings of comfort and support. Even when more weight is added (i.e., more pressure) on the mattress, there’s still the strong sense of even weight distribution, thanks to the grid structure. The transition layer offers the right level of support even to heavier sleepers.

Every Purple mattress also offers above-average edge support. This is important for people who like sitting on the edge of their beds for other activities, such as putting on shoes.

Every Purple mattress comes with a 100-night trial period, a 10-year warranty period, and free shipping. The mattress will be shipped rolled up in a bag (i.e., tube) so it’s easy to set up at home.  The free shipping applies only to the continental United States.  The price can also be reduced by using coupon codes for discounts.

The Purple mattress is among the best choices in beds. People who want the right balance between comfort, support and pressure relief rave about it, while people who sleep in various sleeping positions recommend it.

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