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Crafted by masters. This is the kind of quality that Kluft promises, giving you some of the world’s most luxurious materials made into a mattress that you can take home. No matter what line of mattress you purchase, as long as it has the Kluft brand name, you can expect only the highest standards.

When you purchase a Kluft mattress, you can expect something that’s so much more than the average mattress you’re used to. For one, they tend to be 12-16 inches thick, are made of superior quality materials, and are on the high-end spectrum when it comes to quality and price. You’re really getting what you pay for though, because each Kluft mattress is handcrafted, American-made, and high-end.

Below are the estimated Kluft mattress prices.


Royal Sovereign Hudson Collection

PlushTwin XL$3,769.97
PlushCalifornia King$6,309.34

Latex Santa Cruz Collection

Cushion FirmTwin$4,241.10
Cushion FirmTwin XL$4,384.85
Cushion FirmFull$4,596.50
Cushion FirmQueen$4,699.10
Cushion FirmKing$5,698.76
Cushion FirmCalifornia King$5,698.76

Royal Sovereign Gramercy Mattress Set

Ultra PlushTwin$4,857.47
Ultra PlushTwin XL$5,174.11
Ultra PlushFull$5,744.15
Ultra PlushQueen$5,998.82
Ultra PlushKing$8,730.09
Ultra PlushCalifornia King$8,730.09

Latex Rio Vista Collection

PlushTwin XL$5,390.82
PlushCalifornia King$7,347.49

Royal Sovereign Bryant Mattress Set

FirmTwin XL$3,769.97
FirmCalifornia King$6,309.34

Milan Mattress Collection

Cushion FirmQueen$7,500.00
Cushion FirmKing$8,845.00
Cushion FirmCalifornia King$8,845.00

Palais Royale Vie de Luxe Collection

PlushCalifornia King$24,505.20

Florencia Collection

PlushCalifornia King$13,520.00

Monaco Collection

Medium FirmQueen$8,760.60
Medium FirmKing$10,495.00
Medium FirmCalifornia King$10,495.00

Vienna Collection

Medium PlushQueen$7,500.00
Medium PlushKing$8,845.00
Medium PlushCalifornia King$8,845.00

Latex Napa

Ultra PlushCalifornia King$8,010.79

From the individually wrapped coils to the luxurious natural materials like Talalay latex, it’s clear that lot of hard work and attention to detail go into the making of each Kluft mattress. The construction is of such high quality as well, and you will find that there is no hint of off-gassing and fumes, as you will find in other lesser quality mattresses.

Kluft mattresses can be found all over the country, sold exclusively in Bloomingdale’s – the luxury department store. There are over 38 stores and 16 Bloomingdale’s outlets nationwide, and you’ll find the Kluft brand of mattresses sold along with others. In California, you can also find Kluft mattresses in Mancini stores.

Company History

E.S. Kluft & Company was founded in 2004 by master craftsman Earl S. Kluft. His aim was to master the art of the luxury mattress, and that’s exactly the kind of heritage that he created.

Earl Kluft is a third generation mattress manufacturer and was determined to find a way to create the perfect mattress. So with layers of premium materials, wrapped coil springs, and a patented fill chamber design, he managed to make Kluft mattresses into what they are today.

For more than a decade, the Kluft mattresses have redefined the meaning of comfort and quality. With mattresses that are defined by master craftsmanship and the latest innovation, Kluft today has become synonymous to luxury and perfection. 

Company’s Pride In Its Products

Kluft demands only the very best of itself, and this is why this brand is ideal for those who demand excellence and perfection. Kluft prides itself in the following, which is present in all of its mattresses:

  • The Kluft Standard™ – A patented process of construction that makes Kluft mattresses into the masterpieces that they are, this standard ensures that there’s a natural chamber of air between the mattress-top and the springs. The layers of plush material meet this air chamber, allowing the bed to synchronize perfectly with your body. This patented process is how Kluft ensures you get a perfect night’s sleep.
  • Hand craftsmanship – The fact that each mattress is expertly crafted by hand is one of the reasons why they reach the quality that Kluft is known for. This ensures that there is unparalleled attention to detail, and that the level of precision is at its highest peak.
  • Superior materialsTo come up with the best luxury mattresses, Kluft has to use only the finest materials, fabrics, and fibers. Aside from making sure that the materials will make the final product as durable as can be, Kluft also ensures that only the best quality natural materials are selected.

Available Collections

Kluft Signature

“Classic luxury interwoven with modern sophistication” is what this collection is about. It combines over five pounds of cashmere, natural Talalay latex, and horsetail to give you the full spectrum of comfort, pressure relief, and ventilation. The hand tufting and reinforced perimeter design also improve the quality of the mattress and helps it last longer.

Royal Sovereign

This is the collection that gives utmost focus to the use of natural materials: ventilated Talalay latex and quilted cotton, for instance. The base is an 8-way hand-tied foundation on sustainable forest lumber, and the sleeping surface is made of rich Belgian damasks that are quilted with high-performance foams.

Royal Sovereign Latex

This bestselling collection uses layers of natural Talalay latex, with an open-cell structure that maximizes airflow. The surface is made with an unmatched 4-way heavyweight knit, making it completely adaptive t your body.

Beyond Luxury

Fit for royalty, this luxurious collection marries old world artisanship with new world technique. With rigorous tailoring and hand-stitching, this collection is handcrafted by masters using the world’s finest materials. The Palais Royale for instance is made from Joma wool, luxurious cashmere, Talalay latex, and prime cotton – creating comfort that cradles the body like no other mattress can.

If you want to sleep like a king and you want a mattress that can give you true comfort, then Kluft mattresses may be what you’re searching for. With a Kluft mattress, you’ll be treating your body to the best kind of rest and relaxation that it deserves.

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