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Serta may have undergone several corporate changes since its inception but one thing has remained – its commitment to providing its target customers with world-class mattresses in three major types, namely, gel-infused memory foam, natural late, and innerspring.  Such is its reputation for quality that its products are extensively used in the lodging industry with Wyndham Worldwide and Hilton Worldwide as among its most notable clients.

Below are the estimated Serta mattress prices.


Serta Perfect Sleeper Hutchings

FirmCal King$518

Serta Perfect Sleeper Alimar

PlushCal King$623

Serta Sertapedic Gel Memory Foam Bramford Cap

Gel Memory FoamTwin$360
Gel Memory FoamFull$404
Gel Memory FoamQueen$416
Gel Memory FoamKing$624
Gel Memory FoamCal King$624

Serta Perfect Sleeper Regal Suite

Double Sided FirmTwin$599
Double Sided FirmFull$699
Double Sided FirmQueen$799
Double Sided FirmKing$999
Double Sided FirmCal King$999
Double Sided PlushTwin$599
Double Sided PlushFull$699
Double Sided PlushQueen$799
Double Sided PlushKing$999
Double Sided PlushCal King$999
PillowtopCal King$1,099

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Sapphire Suite

Double Sided FirmTwin$683
Double Sided FirmFull$776
Double Sided FirmQueen$855
Double Sided FirmKing$1,241
Double Sided FirmCal King$1,241
Double Sided PillowtopTwin$731
Double Sided PillowtopFull$848
Double Sided PillowtopQueen$926
Double Sided PillowtopKing$1,313
Double Sided PillowtopCal King$1,313
Double Sided PlushTwin$683
Double Sided PlushFull$776
Double Sided PlushQueen$855
Double Sided PlushKing$1,241
Double Sided PlushCal King$1,241

History of the Brand

Founded in 1931 as a consortium of 13 mattress manufacturers, Serta International was subsequently controlled and managed by 8 independent licensees before it was acquired by National Bedding Company, its largest licensee. In 2005, Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund and Teachers’ Private Capital formed a partnership to purchase National Bedding Company.

Today, Serta International is a subsidiary of Serta Simmons Holding LLC, an American company. Its headquarters are in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Comprehensive Selection

Serta is widely considered as one of the largest providers of mattresses worldwide with a strong presence in the United States and abroad. Its dominance in the competitive global bedding industry can partly be attributed to the comprehensive range of products available and partly for its proven commitment to quality.

The choices in mattresses under the Serta brand include:


The heart of an innerspring mattress is the steel coil springs support system, which supports various types of fiber and foam for comfort at the surface.  You can choose from several innerspring constructions including the Duet Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil system and the Continuous Support style.

Memory foam

The core of a memory foam mattress is the viscoelastic foam material originally developed by NASA for its space shuttle program. Memory foam is known for its superior contouring properties that translates to better spine support, greater relief on pressure points, and more restful and comfortable sleep experience.


The hybrid mattresses combine the optimum support of a steel coil innerspring system with the unparalleled comfort of memory foam. Each bed also features several technologies including EverFeel Triple Effects, Duet Coil Support System, and Gel memory Foam for the best in sleeping experience every night.

Many of the Serta mattresses are available in all three styles. Your job as a shopper is to determine the level of comfort and support for your body, the level of convenience in maintenance, and the price range that you want from a bed. You will likely choose a memory foam mattress, for example, when you want the ultimate in support especially when you have back pain issues.

The choices in models include the following:

Perfect Sleeper

This is touted as the only approved mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, an organization dedicated to research and development of sleep-related matters. Each Perfect Sleeper bed has features that aid in addressing several common sleep problems including insufficient support, mattress sagging, and uncomfortable surface temperature. This lives up to expectations of being the platform for perfect sleep.

Serta Pivot

This is a popular mattress because of its adjustable foundation, which is perfect for finding the right incline when reading books, watching television, and lounging in bed as well as reducing snoring levels. You can adjust the incline of the bed’s head via a wired remote.

Hotel Collection

This is a line of mattresses that can be used for both residential and commercial applications, thanks to its durable innerspring support system and comfortable foam layers.  With a Hotel bed, you will experience 5-star luxury in the comfort of your own home while also enjoying the thought that it was well within your budget.  You will also love the exclusive two-sided design, which allows for fast and east mattress flipping.

Bellagio at Home

This is Serta’s exclusive mattress collection designed to evoke the luxurious quality of the Bellagio Hotel. Each bed features the Free Flex Innerspring with Custom Support system, which provides sleepers with up to 25 percent more comfort and support particularly in the innerspring’s center.  The mattresses can also be paired with the Motion Essentials Adjustable Foundation for more individualized support and comfort.


This is the collection that features the 420 SertaFlex Innerspring system, which has an offset coil design for maximum responsiveness, pliability and flexibility.  In layman’s terms, you will love the superior comfort that the mattress’ surface brings regardless of your favored sleeping position – the foam molds (i.e., contours) itself to your body so that you can experience greater relief on your pressure points.

iComfort Collection

This is the line of hybrid mattresses that feature Serta’s gel memory foam technology coupled with its advanced Duet Coil System.  The gel foam contains millions of gel beads, which respond to the body in three ways, namely, relief of pressure points, provide added support, and aid in the regulation of cool temperatures for a better sleep experience.

Indeed, there are great reasons why Serta is a trusted name in mattresses! You have to experience sleeping, even just lounging, on one of its beds to understand its enduring popularity.

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