Beautyrest Mattress Prices

Emphasis must first be made that Beautyrest is not an independent company but the flagship brand of the Simmons Bedding Company, a major bedding manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1870, the company is considered as among the oldest of its kind in the United States – truly, unparalleled longevity in a competitive industry.

Such an admirable success can be attributed to a combination of groundbreaking materials and technology, great value for the money, and good customer service.

Its commitment to innovation is just as admirable because a century-old company can only be a major player in the contemporary bedding industry by being a technology trendsetter.

Below are estimated Beautyrest mattress prices.


Beautyrest Recharge Kenosha Place II

Luxury FirmTwin$399
Luxury FirmTwin XL$449
Luxury FirmFull$449
Luxury FirmFull XL$499
Luxury FirmQueen$499
Luxury FirmKing$699
Luxury FirmCal King$699
PlushTwin XL$449
PlushFull XL$499
PlushCal King$699
FirmTwin XL$449
FirmFull XL$499
FirmCal King$699

Beautyrest Recharge Kenosha Place

PlushTwin XL$449
PlushFull XL$499
PlushCal King$699
Luxury FirmTwin$399
Luxury FirmTwin XL$449
Luxury FirmFull$449
Luxury FirmFull XL$499
Luxury FirmQueen$499
Luxury FirmKing$699
Luxury FirmCal King$699

Beautyrest Recharge Adda II

PlushTwin XL$465
PlushFull XL$518
PlushCal King$671

Beautyrest Recharge Lydia Manor II

Luxury FirmTwin$519
Luxury FirmTwin XL$569
Luxury FirmFull$569
Luxury FirmFull XL$619
Luxury FirmQueen$619
Luxury FirmKing$879
Luxury FirmCal King$879
Extra FirmTwin$519
Extra FirmTwin XL$569
Extra FirmFull$569
Extra FirmFull XL$619
Extra FirmQueen$619
Extra FirmKing$879
Extra FirmCal King$879
PlushTwin XL$569
PlushFull XL$619
PlushCal King$879
Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin$619
Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin XL$669
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull$669
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull XL$729
Luxury Firm Pillow TopQueen$729
Luxury Firm Pillow TopKing$979
Luxury Firm Pillow TopCal King$979
Plush Pillow TopTwin$619
Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$669
Plush Pillow TopFull$669
Plush Pillow TopFull XL$729
Plush Pillow TopQueen$729
Plush Pillow TopKing$979
Plush Pillow TopCal King$979

Beautyrest Recharge World Class Phillipsburg II

Luxury FirmTwin$928
Luxury FirmTwin XL$984
Luxury FirmFull$984
Luxury FirmFull XL$1,085
Luxury FirmQueen$1,085
Luxury FirmKing$1,344
Luxury FirmCal King$1,344
Extra FirmTwin$928
Extra FirmTwin XL$984
Extra FirmFull$984
Extra FirmFull XL$1,085
Extra FirmQueen$1,085
Extra FirmKing$1,344
Extra FirmCal King$1,344
PlushTwin XL$984
PlushFull XL$1,085
PlushCal King$1,344

Beautyrest Recharge World Class Tillingham II

Luxury FirmTwin$1,137
Luxury FirmTwin XL$1,189
Luxury FirmFull$1,241
Luxury FirmFull XL$1,342
Luxury FirmQueen$1,342
Luxury FirmKing$1,654
Luxury FirmCal King$1,654
PlushTwin XL$1,189
PlushFull XL$1,342
PlushCal King$1,654
Firm Pillow TopTwin$1,179
Firm Pillow TopTwin XL$1,368
Firm Pillow TopFull$1,368
Firm Pillow TopFull XL$1,491
Firm Pillow TopQueen$1,491
Firm Pillow TopKing$1,740
Firm Pillow TopCal King$1,740
Plush Pillow TopTwin$1,179
Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$1,368
Plush Pillow TopFull$1,368
Plush Pillow TopFull XL$1,491
Plush Pillow TopQueen$1,491
Plush Pillow TopKing$1,740
Plush Pillow TopCal King$1,740

Beautyrest Black Alexia

Extra FirmTwin XL$1,349
Extra FirmFull$1,511
Extra FirmQueen$1,574
Extra FirmKing$1,889
Extra FirmCal King$1,889

Beautyrest Black Ava

Luxury FirmTwin XL$1,619
Luxury FirmFull$1,781
Luxury FirmQueen$1,844
Luxury FirmKing$2,159
Luxury FirmCal King$2,159
PlushTwin XL$1,619
PlushCal King$2,159

Beautyrest Black Kate

Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin XL$2,024
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull$2,366
Luxury Firm Pillow TopQueen$2,474
Luxury Firm Pillow TopKing$2,879
Luxury Firm Pillow TopCal King$2,879
Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$2,024
Plush Pillow TopFull$2,366
Plush Pillow TopQueen$2,474
Plush Pillow TopKing$2,879
Plush Pillow TopCal King$2,879

Beautyrest Black Evie

Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin XL$1,664
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull$2,006
Luxury Firm Pillow TopQueen$2,114
Luxury Firm Pillow TopKing$2,519
Luxury Firm Pillow TopCal King$2,519
Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$1,664
Plush Pillow TopFull$2,006
Plush Pillow TopQueen$2,114
Plush Pillow TopKing$2,519
Plush Pillow TopCal King$2,519

Beautyrest Black Sidney

Ultra Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$3,644
Ultra Plush Pillow TopFull$4,121
Ultra Plush Pillow TopQueen$4,274
Ultra Plush Pillow TopKing$5,039
Ultra Plush Pillow TopCal King$5,039

Beautyrest Black Hope

Luxury FirmTwin XL$1,844
Luxury FirmFull$2,186
Luxury FirmQueen$2,294
Luxury FirmKing$2,699
Luxury FirmCal King$2,699
PlushTwin XL$1,844
PlushCal King$2,699

Beautyrest Black Lexi

Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin XL$2,744
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull$3,221
Luxury Firm Pillow TopQueen$3,374
Luxury Firm Pillow TopKing$4,139
Luxury Firm Pillow TopCal King$4,139

Beautyrest Black Elisabeth

Luxury FirmTwin XL$2,384
Luxury FirmFull$2,861
Luxury FirmQueen$3,014
Luxury FirmKing$3,779
Luxury FirmCal King$3,779

Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Vivian

Luxury FirmTwin$1,303
Luxury FirmTwin XL$1,350
Luxury FirmFull$1,583
Luxury FirmFull XL$1,630
Luxury FirmQueen$1,630
Luxury FirmKing$1,954
Luxury FirmCal King$1,954
Ultimate PlushTwin$1,303
Ultimate PlushTwin XL$1,350
Ultimate PlushFull$1,583
Ultimate PlushFull XL$1,630
Ultimate PlushQueen$1,630
Ultimate PlushKing$1,954
Ultimate PlushCal King$1,954

Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Sybel

PlushTwin XL$976
PlushFull XL$1,256
PlushCal King$1,583

Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Sondra

Luxury FirmTwin$746
Luxury FirmTwin XL$790
Luxury FirmFull$1,026
Luxury FirmFull XL$1,070
Luxury FirmQueen$1,070
Luxury FirmKing$1,394
Luxury FirmCal King$1,394

Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Tamara

Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopTwin$1,583
Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$1,769
Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopFull$1,769
Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopFull XL$1,863
Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopQueen$1,863
Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopKing$2,329
Ultimate Luxury Plush Pillow TopCal King$2,329

Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Tracy

FirmTwin XL$1,165
FirmFull XL$1,445
FirmCal King$1,769

Simmons’ tradition of innovation started with the Simmons Pocketed Coil spring machine, an automated equipment that transformed the manufacture of coils by hand – and thus was born the Beautyrest mattress in 1925. In 2008, the Pocket Coil technology was combined with memory foam to create the hybrid mattress.

Reasons for Distinction

Decades after its introduction, Beautyrest remains as Simmons’ flagship brand because for the following reasons:

Pocketed Coil Support System

The first Simmons innovation, the Pocketed Coil support system has undergone many changes since its introduction. In its current form, the system involves hundreds of individually-wrapped coils adapt to your body’s unique shape while you are lying on top of the mattress. As such, you will get a more personalized back support while also enjoying generous freedom of movement with little to no motion transference and satisfactory relief from your pressure points.

In the Black mattress models, the Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology system is at the core of their construction. The triple stranded coils are more durable and, thus, deliver more pressure relief, more back support, and more motion separation, all of which translates to better sleep quality. While the prices are higher in the Black line, these benefits more than make up for the cost.

Temperature Management

In selected models, advanced temperature management is taken up a notch with BlackICE technology. Simmons’ Micro Diamond Memory Foam has breathable gel technology that contributes to a cooler sleeping surface mainly by promoting better air circulation.

The SmartMotion Bases

Aside from the world-class mattress at budget-friendly prices, Beautyrest choices also include the SmartMotion Bases, which are designed to contribute to better sleep quality. These include practical features like adjustable foot and head angles, Zero G present position wherein the legs are raised above the heart, a six-level massage system, preset memory positions, and Snore Relief, among others, which can be controlled by remote control.  The Snore Relief feature, for example, allows for raising the bed’s head angle, which means the snorer will likely reduce his snoring volume.

The bases come in three models, namely, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 with weight limits ranging from 650 to 850 pounds.  Each of the base comes with the Sleep Tracker app.

Sleep Tracker App

This app is proof that, indeed, sleep technology has crossed from the traditional to the digital realms. Aside from controlling the SmartMotion Base, the app also has features that contribute to optimized sleep, such as monitoring breathing patterns, heart rate, and motion in real time for each sleeper (i.e., independent tracking); delivering personalized tips for better sleep quality; and providing alarms during the light sleep phase.  The advanced sleep analysis report can be provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, which allows for short-term and long-term analysis of sleep patterns.

The app comes in two types of subscription – Essentials and Premium. The Essentials package has a free 2-year trial and a 90-day trial of the Premium app for every purchase of the SmartMotion Base; a $4.99/year/user charge is applicable the free trial period. The Premium package has a free 90-day trial for every purchase of a SmartMotion Base and with features including advanced sleep analysis, comprehensive sleep data storage, and behavioral modification coaching; a $29.99/year/user charge applies after the trial period expires.

Models to Choose From

Beautyrest mattresses come in three main collections. You can choose the mattress selector function to choose the best mattress for your needs and wants in the product.

Recharge Collection

This collection incorporates the latest in mattress technologies as created by Simmons. The technologies are designed to promote better support and comfort and, thus, better sleep – or as the manufacturer says it, waking up recharged and refreshed, ready to tackle the challenges of the day ahead.

Platinum Collection

This collection features mattresses with traditional innerspring technology and the innovative innerspring-and-memory foam technology. The mattresses are also characterized by its expert craftsmanship, breakthrough design, and superior style, thus, its designation as Platinum, one of the most valuable metals in the world.

Black Collection

This is the luxury collection where technology and luxury combine for the best sleep experience every night. You should be prepared for the luxury of sleeping on a five-star mattress with one of the Black beds.

Get your Beautyrest mattress now and always enjoy your beauty rest every night! After all, you deserve it after the hustle and bustle of your daily activities.

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