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Say “King Koil” and several brands of high-quality mattresses, such as Duck Dynasty, World Luxury, and iMattress, come to mind. With these beds designed and developed in as a collaboration between King Koil and the International Chiropractors Association, customers are also assured of optimum comfort and support necessary for proper spine alignment, better pressure relief, and superior sleep quality.

In 1898, Samuel Bronstien established the United States Bedding Company in St. Paul, Minnesota with just six employees and a small factory. Today, the company has its global headquarters in Willowbrook, Illinois with 40 manufacturing facilities in 80 countries. It also has 40 licensees worldwide and hundreds of authorized retail stores throughout the world, not to mention the King Koil mattresses found in world-class hotels worldwide.

Below are the estimated King Koil mattress prices.


Laura Ashley Ainsley

PlushTwin XL$579.99
PlushFull XL$649.99
PlushCal King$899.99
FirmTwin XL$629.99
FirmFull XL$699.99
FirmCal King$949.99

Laura Ashley Heritage Collection Audrey

Luxury FirmTwin$799.99
Luxury FirmTwin XL$879.99
Luxury FirmFull$879.99
Luxury FirmFull XL$949.99
Luxury FirmQueen$899.99
Luxury FirmKing$1,299.99
Luxury FirmCal King$1,299.99

Laura Ashley Heritage Collection Linley

Luxury Euro PillowtopTwin$1,099.99
Luxury Euro PillowtopTwin XL$1,179.99
Luxury Euro PillowtopFull$1,179.99
Luxury Euro PillowtopFull XL$1,249.99
Luxury Euro PillowtopQueen$1,199.99
Luxury Euro PillowtopKing$1,599.99
Luxury Euro PillowtopCal King$1,599.99

Laura Ashley Heritage Collection Elena

12 Inch FoamTwin$1,299.99
12 Inch FoamTwin XL$1,379.99
12 Inch FoamFull$1,379.99
12 Inch FoamFull XL$1,449.99
12 Inch FoamQueen$1,399.99
12 Inch FoamKing$1,949.99
12 Inch FoamCal King$1,949.99

Laura Ashley Heritage Collection Angela

13 Inch FoamTwin$1,449.99
13 Inch FoamTwin XL$1,629.99
13 Inch FoamFull$1,629.99
13 Inch FoamFull XL$1,699.99
13 Inch FoamQueen$1,649.99
13 Inch FoamKing$2,199.99
13 Inch FoamCal King$2,199.99

At the Heart of the Mattress

The King Koil beds come in several types – innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid – as well as based on comfort and collection. The differentiations are important for buyers who want to narrow down the comprehensive selections offered by the company.

Each King Koil mattress is designed with one of these three types of core:

Innerspring or coil mattresses

These beds are designed with steel coils as their support system with various foams and fibers added on top of the coils for comfort purposes.  The company prides itself on its expertise in the manufacture of the best innerspring mattresses in the industry.  The most notable innerspring mattress is Word Luxury Kensington, which has an advanced encased or pocketed coil system that ensures superior support.

Memory foam mattresses

These mattresses feature viscoelastic memory foam on the surface and high-density foam at its core resulting in a unique feel.  Foam options include memory foam infused with gel beads and Aero Foam, an advanced foam characterized by its breathable quality, in various thicknesses and sizes. 

Hybrid mattresses

These beds are obviously the combination of encased coil innerspring and gel-infused memory foam designed to provide the ideal balance between classic support and contemporary comfort while also reducing motion disturbance, a useful feature for couples.  Think of these mattresses as getting the best of both worlds.

Which of these types of King Koil mattresses will be your next purchase? You can obviously choose any one of these types but you have to carefully consider the pros and cons of each choice. You will be spending at least 6 hours every day on a King Koil mattress, after all, which emphasizes the importance of making a smart decision.  

Based on Comfort Levels

King Koil also offers a wide range of mattresses based on comfort level, which refers the firmness and softness of the foam. The choices include:

  • Ultra plush mattresses are the softest in terms of feel, so soft as to be described as feather soft. You will love an ultra-plush bed when you want to sleep in the bed, so to speak, instead of the on the bed while still enjoying as much support and body conformance as possible.
  • Firm mattresses are a popular choice because these has a more solid feel coupled with less give (i.e., the sensation of sinking into the bed). You will like it when your preferred sleeping surface has a steady feel without the sensation of lying down on bricks.
  • Extra firm mattresses are the hardest surfaces with the sleeping experience described as similar to sleeping on the floor with a plush carpet. You will like an extra firm be when you want to sleep on it instead of in it.
  • Medium firm mattresses are often the best choice for couples with different preferences in firmness since these are neither too soft nor too firm.

At the store, you can ask the salesmen (aka mattress experts) about the level of firmness for each mattress within your price range. You will usually find one or two mattresses that will suit your preferences in this regard.

Types of Collection

King Koil has several current collections that you can choose from. When choosing from among these beds, you have to avoid being taken in by price alone since you must consider other factors. You have to factor in the type of core material (e.g., innerspring or gel memory foam or hybrid), the thickness of the mattress, and the level of firmness. Since your needs will be different even with your regular roommate (i.e., spouse or partner), you have to consider his or her needs in a mattress, too.

The collections include:

  • World Luxury mattresses are manufactured using the latest in foam and innerspring technology for luxurious sleep.
  • iMattress mattresses are made of innovative memory foam, which provide the best support for the spine and body (i.e., correct alignment) as well as provide up to 12 times more breathability than the standard.

Other collections are the Laura Ashley collection, the Duck Dynasty collection, and the Natural Response EcoHybrid collection.

No matter what you choose, you will find that a King Koil mattress will be your preferred sleeping surface for many years to come – or at least, until you have to change it for a new one.

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