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Purple Mattress vs. Casper Mattress

In any Purple mattress vs. Casper mattress comparison, the innovative ways in which these two brands established their reputation will likely be highlighted. Purple, of course, is noted for its Kickstarter start as a mattress company – its initial external investments came from one of the more successful Kickstarter campaigns. Casper has blazed a trail in the mattress industry by being the first one to adopt the online-only business model.

Both are also among the fastest-growing new mattress brands so comparisons between the two cannot be helped. Let’s take a look at the construction, firmness, and value for money aspects, among others, of these two brands.

Multilayer Construction Comparison

The Purple mattress has an elegant cover made of a polyester and Lycra blend as well as a polymer topper; the combo makes for a more breathable cover. The 9.5” mattress consists of three layers of foam, namely:

  • The top layer consists of a 2” hyper-elastic polymer foam that provides cooling comfort for the user. We like that it provides better bounce and pressure relief than other types of foam.
  • The middle layer is made of a 3.5” polyurethane foam that provides most of the support for the mattress.
  • The bottom layer consists of a 4” polyurethane foam that serves as the mattress’ foundation, as well as provides the thick compression support needed to keep the mattress in shape, so to speak.

The Casper mattress has a white 100% polyester cover with a two-toned side cover, both materials of which are stretchy and breathable, albeit on the thin side.  Like the Purple mattress, it’s also 9.5” thick although with four layers, namely:

  • The 1.5” poly-foam top layer is so responsive that it quickly responds to changes in pressure so it’s easier to change positions in sleep. We like that it provides the right balance between bounce and support, not to mention that it doesn’t become too warm after several hours of use.
  • The 1.5” memory foam layer provides pressure relief and body contouring benefits, as can be expected from memory foam. Since it isn’t the top layer, it keeps the heat away from the body; memory foam used as a top layer will likely contribute to a too-warm, too-soon feeling when sleeping.
  • The 1.5” transition poly-foam later adds extra comfort.
  • The 5” high-density support foam bottom layer serves as the foundation for the mattress.

Both the Casper and Purple mattresses are suitable choices for singles and couples, especially those looking for thick mattresses.

Firmness and Support Comparison

The Purple mattress has a softer feel than the Casper mattress where average-sized people are concerned. On a 1-10 scale with 10 being the firmest, we have to say that the former can be rated 6 and the latter a 7. Both then will deliver on the medium firmness that people who sleep on their side and stomach prefer.

Keep in mind, however, that your experience of firmness will be influenced by your own weight. The Casper mattress doesn’t sink as much as the Purple mattress when a heavier person lies down on it, thanks to its slightly higher firmness level.  Due to the differences in materials, furthermore, the Purple mattress has a bouncier feel combined with a quicker response, in contrast with the Casper mattress’ surprisingly more traditional feel.

We found, sadly, that both the Casper and Purple mattresses don’t offer edge support that we expected from such topnotch products.  If you want to use either one of them for activities other than sleeping, then you may be disappointed. We also suggest not sleeping too near the edge of the bed lest you fall off it.

In terms of motion transfer, the Purple mattress wins over the Casper mattress because it doesn’t leave as much motion transfer. Plus, the polymer material used in the Purple mattress also doesn’t retain movement. This isn’t to say that the Casper mattress doesn’t offer value for the money – in fact, either you or your partner can get up in the middle of the night without waking up the other.

Yet another thing that the Purple mattress has an advantage over the Casper mattress is in the cooling effect. The former has a breathable top layer that makes for a cooler sleeping experience.

Both brands, however, provide great value for the money although the Purple mattress tend to be more expensive by about $50 than the Casper mattress in the same size.  Both mattresses are also made of CertiPUR- approved foams although many buyers say that Casper has a slight off-gassing for a few hours after opening it.

The Casper and Purple mattresses are also delivered with free shipping, as well as 100-night trial period and full refund in case you’re not satisfied with them.  Both also have a 10-year warranty.

Which one is the best? You have to decide based on your specific needs and wants in a multilayered mattress. Keep in mind that the Casper mattress provides excellent comfort and support for average-sized people who like to sleep on their backs and sides. The Purple mattress has a bouncier top layer, higher cooling effect, and breathable cover.

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