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The Symbol brand of mattresses is not as well-known as other brands but not because of its inferior quality, customer dissatisfaction, and inefficient distribution system, among other reasons. The Symbol Mattress Company does not directly market and sell its products to end consumers, such as homeowners and hospitality industry owners, but directly distributes to authorized dealers. In turn, these authorized dealers have the permission to use their own trade (i.e., brand) names for the mattresses.

The bottom line: You will not likely see a Symbol mattress in your neighborhood bedding store for this reason. But when you find it, you will quickly realize that it is one the best brands of mattresses because of its superior quality in terms of comfort and support.

Below are the estimated Symbol mattress prices.


Symbol Comfort Innovations

FirmCal King$649.00
Plush Euro Box TopTwin$359.00
Plush Euro Box TopFull$454.00
Plush Euro Box TopQueen$549.00
Plush Euro Box TopKing$699.00
Plush Euro Box TopCal King$799.00

Symbol Mesa

FirmCal King$599.00
Plush Euro Pillow TopTwin$269.00
Plush Euro Pillow TopFull$344.00
Plush Euro Pillow TopQueen$369.00
Plush Euro Pillow TopKing$519.00
Plush Euro Pillow TopCal King$619.00

Symbol Sierra

FirmCal King$799.00
PlushCal King$799.00
Pillow TopTwin$359.00
Pillow TopFull$509.00
Pillow TopQueen$549.00
Pillow TopKing$699.00
Pillow TopCal King$799.00

Symbol Heartland

FirmCal King$899.00
PlushCal King$899.00
Pillow TopTwin$389.00
Pillow TopFull$614.00
Pillow TopQueen$649.00
Pillow TopKing$799.00
Pillow TopCal King$899.00

Symbol Signature

FirmCal King$1,479.00
PlushCal King$1,479.00
Pillow TopTwin$709.00
Pillow TopFull$944.00
Pillow TopQueen$1,039.00
Pillow TopKing$1,379.00
Pillow TopCal King$1,479.00

Symbol Memory Foam

11 In.Twin$649.00
11 In.Full$744.00
11 In.Queen$839.00
11 In.King$1,179.00
11 In.Cal King$1,279.00
13 In.Twin$749.00
13 In.Full$944.00
13 In.Queen$1,139.00
13 In.King$1,179.00
13 In.Cal King$1,279.00

Company History

Founded more than 50 years ago in Richmond, Virginia, Symbol Mattress continues to build a reputation of being among the 10 20 bedding manufacturers in the United States. Since then, its business plan of providing value-driven, low-cost, and yet high-quality mattresses to the retail bedding industry has remained largely unchanged.

Today, nonetheless, Symbol Mattress has expanded its product lines to include a more comprehensive range of bedding products for other markets. Its product lines range from premium to promotional retail price points with more choices in comfort- and support-related features. Many of its products have also been designed for use in the dormitory, healthcare, hospitality, and rent-to-own industries, thus, expanding its reach.

The company’s mattresses are manufactured in factories, which are over a million square feet in area, across six states in the United States. These locations are in Richmond, Virginia, where the corporate headquarters and main factory are located; Reading, Pennsylvania; Jasper, Orlando, Florida; Alabama; Watertown, Wisconsin; and Dayville, Connecticut. These factories, which have state-of-the-art equipment including material handling, upholstery, and urethane processing machines, are dedicated exclusively to the production and distribution of the bedding products.

The superior quality of its products can be partly attributed to these factories’ capacity to manufacture the mattresses from their raw material components to their finished stages. Symbol Mattress manufactures its products on an in-house basis, instead of outsourcing arrangements, which allows for consistent quality and value.

The company also provides its authorized dealers and institutional customers with fast, easy and convenient as well as low-cost delivery services.  By not spending big dollars on marketing (i.e., advertising) programs, it also ensures that smart retailers and customers will enjoy greater savings.

The bottom line: Symbol Mattress makes it possible for its customers to enjoy excellent value for their money, thanks to bedding products with world-class quality at reasonable prices and fast delivery services.

Company’s Pride in Its Products

Symbol Mattress takes pride in three aspects of its bedding products, namely:

Advanced Comfort and Support

The mattresses are manufactured using a combination of the company’s innovative technologies and advanced materials handling and finishing machineries, as well as tested for quality at every production phase. The result: Superior comfort and support that lasts for several years, one of the reasons why Symbol mattresses are popular in the dormitory, healthcare, hospitality, and rent-to-own industries.

Body Conformity

The mattresses are designed to ensure body conformity, which means better comfort especially in the pressure points and better support for the spine (i.e., alignment). But users are well-advised to rotate their mattresses once every two weeks for the first 3 months; the rotation can be done every 2 months after this break-in period.

Strong Frame

Even the best mattress will not provide the best in comfort, support and durability without a strong frame. Symbol strongly recommends a strong frame for its mattresses although many of its models can also be used as a futon, in a way.

Such pride in its products become evident, too, in the fact that the company does not rely on advertising but on word-of-mouth in trade channels to spread the word about its products.

Available Collections

Symbol Mattress has three main collections available.

Contemporary Series

This is the largest collection because it currently has 14 models, all of which have top-quality materials designed with a modern look.  These include Unite-Inspire (coil-on-coil); Unite-Connect (hybrid construction with memory foam, gel, latex, and polyurethane); and Unite-Renew (hybrid construction with innerspring core and a combination of foam).

Premium Series

This has five models characterized by their advanced materials and contemporary designs.  The mattresses include Signature MCS Series (coil-on-coil with a plush feel on CentriPUR-US® certified foam and dual innerspring cores); Signature (coil-on-coil with a plush and firm feel); and Alliance (plush feels with six-sided high-density foam).

Traditional Series

This is the smallest with just four models and marketed as the classic line of the company’s mattresses.  The models include Lotus (innerspring core with six-sided high-density foam for a plush and firm experience); Heartland (open-ended Lura Flex springs with gel and polyurethane foam); and Shelton (innerspring core with gel and polyurethane).

Ask your friendly mattress salesman about the Symbol brand and you may be in luck!

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