Southerland Mattress Prices

Southerland mattresses offer you the perfect bedding at the perfect price point, and customer satisfaction is their top priority. They look at your desired comfort level, ideal sleeping position, needed level of support, and preferred temperature – taking into consideration all of these factors to ensure that you get the mattress that’s right for YOU in particular.

With more than a century of experience, Southerland takes the best practices and innovations that it has learned through the years to give you a product you will truly enjoy. Southerland mattresses adhere to the stringent guidelines established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), so you have no worries about quality. In fact, they have a return rate of less than 1% and a Making It Right Guarantee™.

Below are the estimated Southerland mattress prices.


Pearl Gel

SoftTwin XL$409.99
SoftCalifornia King$709.99

Selina Gel

SoftTwin XL$599.99
SoftCalifornia King$1,039.99


PlushTwin XL$679.99
PlushCalifornia King$1,249.99
PlushSplit California King$679.99


FirmTwin XL$679.99
FirmCalifornia King$1,249.99
FirmSplit California King$679.99

Lydia Gel

FirmTwin XL$279.99
FirmCalifornia King$509.99


Plush Euro TopTwin$229.99
Plush Euro TopTwin XL$259.99
Plush Euro TopFull$309.99
Plush Euro TopQueen$319.99
Plush Euro TopKing$459.99
Plush Euro TopCalifornia King$459.99


FirmTwin XL$509.99
FirmCalifornia King$879.99
Plush PillowtopTwin$479.99
Plush PillowtopTwin XL$509.99
Plush PillowtopFull$589.99
Plush PillowtopQueen$679.99
Plush PillowtopKing$879.99
Plush PillowtopCalifornia King$879.99


FirmTwin XL$399.99
Firm PillowtopTwin$369.99
Firm PillowtopTwin XL$399.99
Firm PillowtopFull$449.99
Firm PillowtopQueen$469.99
Firm PillowtopKing$649.99
Firm PillowtopCalifornia King$649.99
PlushTwin XL$399.99
PlushCalifornia King$629.99
Plush PillowtopTwin$369.99
Plush PillowtopTwin XL$399.99
Plush PillowtopFull$449.99
Plush PillowtopQueen$469.99
Plush PillowtopKing$649.99
Plush PillowtopCalifornia King$649.99


Plush Euro TopTwin$139.99
Plush Euro TopTwin XL$189.99
Plush Euro TopFull$199.99
Plush Euro TopQueen$259.99
Plush Euro TopKing$329.99
Plush Euro TopCalifornia King$329.99

With its extensive production and distribution network, you can readily find Southerland mattresses everywhere. You can also easily contact their customer service via email or phone.

Company History

Southerland’s roots trace to as early as 1893, and that means it has been around for over 120 years. Its operations began in Evansville, Indiana, as Swan Bedding Co. In 1929, Capitol Mattress Company is formed when J.D. Southerland & E.B. Jones acquire Upchurch Mattress Company. Capitol City Mattress Company buys Swan Bedding in 1940. In 1965, Nashville Bedding Company was formed as a merger and it acquires Southerland, Inc. stock in 1969.

Nasvhille Company grew and grew, with its annual sales crossing the million-dollar threshold in 1972. In 1973, it changed its name to Southerland’s, Inc. and in 2003, this was changed to Southerland, Inc. As the company grew, more acquisitions and consolidations happened. It was in 2010 when the Southerland family sells the company, and that made Southerland, Inc. officially an ESOP.

Southerland just kept growing and expanding, and today the company currently services 43 states through multiple production and distribution facilities. The headquarters is in Nashville, but they have plants in Nashville (Tennessee), Phoenix (Arizona), and Oklahoma City (Oklahoma). 

Company’s Pride In Its Products

Southerland takes pride in everything that they put out to the market, and for good reason. These are some of the reasons why that pride is definitely not unfoudned:

  • 100% Made in the USAYou can rest assured that your mattress is made by skilled Southerland craftsmen, using innovative manufacturing practices and state-of-the-art equipment. The local manufacturing helps out the local economy, and because of innovation and economies of scale, they are able to produce the mattresses even more efficiently.
  • Best-in-class componentsAll the materials used to make Southerland mattresses are top of the line and best in class. All the foams are certified by CertiPUR-US®, so you can be sure that they are free from harsh chemicals and materials, and that they are made without PBDE flame retardants, ozone depleters, and other undesirables. They also register low VOC emissions, so you’re covered when it comes to indoor air quality.
  • Stringent quality assurance program – To give you quality unlike any other, Southerland mattresses are subjected to two 75-point tear-down inspections per shift. Before shipping the mattresses out, the products are rigorously tested. But even during the manufacturing itself, integrated component scans ensure proper builds.

Available Collections

There are several Southerland mattresses that could meet your needs, depending on what exactly you’re looking for. Here are the different collections you can check out:


This line is made of high density luxury foams that give you pressure relieving comfort and durable, lasting support. This is a combination of an alternating coil unit and a gel-infused memory foam, which helps to greatly improve your sleep quality and gives you a better sleep surface overall. They also come with premium covers that are made from natural materials like bamboo, Tencel, and organic cotton.


The AmeriGel line gives you more adaptive support, but also superior pressure relief and spinal alignment. This is largely due to the high density performance foam core, paired with gel-infused memory foam layers.


With the help of pre-stressed CertiPUR-US® foams, this collection will bring you back to the basics of a good night’s sleep and give you the no-frills, durable mattresses that have all the important features.

Aside from these collections, Southerland also has InMotion Lifestyle Sleep Systems that give you a whole range of adjustable beds to choose from. The mattresses can be put on top of these beds, which take your whole sleeping experience to the next level. That’s because it has ultra quiet motors, multiple programmable options, and one of the highest lift capacities that you’ll find in the industry today.

If you think any of Southerland’s mattresses are ideal for you, then go ahead and make Southerland a part of your daily comfort. Be one of the many happy and satisfied customers that have made Southerland part of their homes.

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