Savvy Rest Mattress Prices

Savvy Rest is at the forefront of the natural mattress industry, and they pride themselves in crating organic mattresses, sofas, bedding, and many more. All the quality mattresses they offer are made in central Virginia, but they are readily available nationwide through their dealer network.

What sets Savvy Rest apart from the rest is the fact that they are serious about producing mattresses from all natural and non-toxic materials. They have taken a very close look at their entire value chain – from raw materials to the manufacturing process, and of course to the end product – making sure that every mattress stays true to their values.

Below are the estimated Savvy Rest mattress prices.



Custom FirmnessTwin$1,999.00
Custom FirmnessTwin XL$1,999.00
Custom FirmnessFull$2,799.00
Custom FirmnessQueen$3,099.00
Custom FirmnessKing$3,799.00
Custom FirmnessCalifornia King$3,899.00

Unity Pillowtop

Custom FirmnessTwin$2,999.00
Custom FirmnessTwin XL$2,999.00
Custom FirmnessFull$4,049.00
Custom FirmnessQueen$4,449.00
Custom FirmnessKing$5,349.00
Custom FirmnessCalifornia King$5,449.00


Custom FirmnessTwin$1,699.00
Custom FirmnessTwin XL$1,699.00
Custom FirmnessFull$2,399.00
Custom FirmnessQueen$2,499.00
Custom FirmnessKing$3,299.00
Custom FirmnessCalifornia King$3,399.00


SoftTwin XL$1,499.00
SoftCalifornia King$2,899.00


Medium FirmTwin$1,249.00
Medium FirmTwin XL$1,299.00
Medium FirmFull$1,549.00
Medium FirmQueen$1,799.00

This is not the usual, run-of-the-mill mattress that you can purchase anywhere mattresses are sold. They take mattress selling very personally, which is why they distribute through their dealer network. They also continue to seek ways to reduce their impact and footprint on the Earth while maximizing their social impact.

Company History

The story of Savvy Rest began with a yoga teacher Michael Penny, who was sick and tired of all the toxic chemicals that wound up in mattresses. When he couldn’t find a better alternative, he made it his life’s mission and work to create one.

In 2003, he opened The Savvy Sleeper, the first flagship store, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He soon realized that finding an organic mattress wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be, and because nothing could satisfy his standards of what an all-natural, organic mattress should be, the search only ended in vain. Finally,

in 2004, they decided to create their own natural mattress and offer this to their customers. In 2006, Savvy Rest, Inc., was officially incorporated. In 2011, they expanded their product lines, opened other retail stores, and renamed the store Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom.

Through the years, the clearly stated purpose of Savvy Rest remains to “create exceptional products, with consciously-sourced materials, that contribute to comfort, rest, and relief from pain.” Clearly not your typical mattress manufacturer, they also “believe that better sleep and trusting relationships inspire people, and that inspired people can change the world.”

Company’s Pride In Its Products

Savvy Rest takes pride in its organic line of mattresses, and they have truly established and differentiated themselves as a natural mattress manufacturer.  Their pride stems from the following features:

  • All-natural materials – At the core of Savvy Rest mattresses are its all-natural components: natural latex rubber, certified organic cotton, certified organic wool. You also get an entire bedding line that includes organic pillows, organic mattress toppers, organic mattress pads, organic bedding, and allergy encasements. Certifications are required from suppliers to ensure the quality of materials, and they even manufacture their very own natural innerspring.
  • Safe and non-toxic – Aside from making sure that the materials are all-natural, Savvy Rest makes sure that you are protected from all the toxic chemicals that you could inhale from mattresses. Thus, no chemical flame retardants, bleaches, pesticides, dyes, and other harmful finishes are used in manufacturing the mattresses.
  • Customizable layers – Savvy Rest knew that aside from ensuring that their customers get the safest mattresses available, they also get mattresses that are adaptable to their individual needs. This is why you can fully customize the firmness and material of each layer that you get. Basically, they create personalized comfort for each sleeper – and even couples can ask them to make a “split material” mattress and have each side personalized. That’s how serious they are about customization.

Available Collections

Savvy Rest offers soft, medium, and firm layers of Dunlop and Talalay latex, and you can customize your own combination of layers to fit your needs. The options you have available are:

Serenity and Unity Pillowtop

The 10-inch Serenity is the flagship mattress and gives you three 3-inch layers of natural latex, which you can customize according to your preference. It also comes with sturdy organic cotton casing with organic wool batting that’s quilted inside. This makes your sleep more comfortable because it’s more breathable and a lot cooler.

The 13-inch Unity Pillowtop is just the Serenity with an additional 3-inch Harmony latex topper on top. This one’s ideal for side sleepers because it gives additional pressure relief, and its topper even comes with its own organic casing.


Thinner than the Serenity, Tranquility has a total height of 7 inches and gives you two 3-inch layers of natural latex. It’s ideal for toddlers, teenagers, and smaller adults (weighing less than 160 pounds) who prefer firmer mattresses.


The 4 ½-inch Pastoral is made from hand-tufted organic wool fiber and organic cotton. It does not contain any latex, and is flexible enough to be used as a futon.


The 9-inch Earthspring is an innerspring mattress that’s the only non-customizable one in the Savvy Rest line. Its Bonnell recycled-steel spring layer is covered with .8cm sheets of natural latex blended with coconut fiber, then topped with 3 inches of soft Dunlop natural latex.

Savvy Rest is serious about giving safe, natural, and non-toxic mattresses that also give superior comfort and support. If this is the kind of mattress you’re looking for, they today’s your lucky day.

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