NovaForm Mattress Prices

Novaform mattresses are made by Innocor Comfort through its consumer division Sleep Innovations Inc., whose commitment is to produce the most advanced mattress products in the industry. All the mattresses are 100% made in the USA, and many of their products are Certi-PUR US certified or even better.

Because Innocor Comfort is the industry-leading expert in polyurethane foam, you can be sure that your Novaform purchases are made with the strictest quality standards of the industry, giving you only the best of the best. Innocor Comfort also has a 20-year limited warranty for their products, so you’re protected from manufacturing defects.

Below are the estimated NovaForm mattress prices.


12" Valentina Memory Foam

Medium SoftTwin$549.99
Medium SoftFull$649.99
Medium SoftQueen$749.99
Medium SoftKing$899.99
Medium SoftCalifornia King$899.99

14" Primafina

Medium SoftQueen$949.99
Medium SoftKing$1,099.99
Medium SoftCalifornia King$1,099.99

12" FlexTech

FirmCalifornia King$749.99

14" Comfort Grande Gel Memory Foam

Medium FirmFull$529.99
Medium FirmQueen$599.99
Medium FirmKing$799.99
Medium FirmCalifornia King$799.99


14" MediumCalifornia King$949.99
12" Serafina Adjustable MattressSplit King$999.99

16.5" Grande Elegance

SoftCalifornia King$1,499.99

12" Bella Venta

Medium FirmTwin$499.99
Medium FirmFull$599.99
Medium FirmQueen$699.99
Medium FirmKing$899.99
Medium FirmCalifornia King$899.99

13" Rhythm


The Novaform line of mattresses from Sleep Innovations is exclusively available in Costco, so you can find these mattresses in all Costco stores. Costco has been around since 1976 and their warehouses are currently in 705 locations worldwide – not just in the United States and Canada but also in  Asia, Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Company History

Sleep Innovations is a registered trademark of Innocor Comfort, and they have always believed in using science to achieve great sleep. This is why their mattresses are designed differently depending on the unique needs of different sleepers. They have been in the business since 1996, and while they produce many different mattress lines, they manufacture Novaform exclusively for Costco. 

Innocor, Inc., the company behind Novaform and Sleep Innovations, has been around for more than 60 years. They have been at the forefront of developing the newest foam technologies that provide the best kinds of innovation to customers. With 22 manufacturing facilities, they have mastered the science of making the perfect mattress that you need.

Innocor differentiates itself in the specialty foam industry through its high quality foams and winning technologies. Novaform is only one of its brands but the fact that it is made exclusively for Costco says a lot about how special it is. So when you get a Novaform mattress, you’re also getting all of this and more.

Company’s Pride In Its Products

The pride that Innocor, Inc. has for its unparalleled quality can be seen in all of its brands, including Novaform. With a Novaform mattress, you get the following wonderful features:

  • Made in the USANovaform is proud of producing mattresses that keep jobs in America, giving you only the best of American craftsmanship and manufacturing.
  • Product innovation and qualityNovaform gives you an entire line of memory foam mattresses that vary in terms of firmness and the kind of support it can give you. But each mattress is made with only innovation in mind, offering you the latest in pressure relief and breathable technology.
  • Safety and environmental responsibilityInnocor cares a lot about being green, so they pay close attention to their manufacturing processes. Their products also exceed Federal Standard Safety requirements, ensuring that you get quality but also safety in your home.

Available Collections

The Novaform mattresses you’ll find at Costco can be categorized according to their firmness. While all mattresses give you superior comfort, great support, and optimal temperature regulation, the firmness differs also because people have varying preferences and needs when it comes to this. Under each firmness, there are several lines that slightly differ from one another, making sure that there’s a little something for everyone’s unique needs:

Soft: Altabella and Grande Elegance

The soft collection gives you a cool/optimal sleep temperature and is ideal for side sleepers. Both mattresses give you soft cradling comfort and support, but the Grande Elegance has an additional pillotwop layer that takes this support a notch higher.

Medium-Soft to Medium: Valentina, Serafina, Primafina

The Valentina is ideal for side sleepers, the Primafina for back and stomach sleepers, while the Serafina Pearl is ideal for any sleep position and for those who like to toss and turn. All of these mattresses give you light cradling comfort but the Serafina Pearl has the most enhanced support level of the three. It also has ComfortLuxe® Gel-Pearls, which is the most advanced cooling technology that gives you better sleep.

Medium-Firm to Firm: Bella Venta, ComfortGrande, FlexTech Firm, Deluxe Comfort

Those looking for firm to medium-firm mattresses would love the level of support that this line gives. Bella Venta gives you that support while ensuring that you have improved airflow while you sleep, while ComfortGrande alleviates your painful pressure points. FlexTech Firm, on the other hand, gives you a weightless sensation because of its extremely responsive surface. Lastly, all 12 inches of the Deluxe Comfort mattress gives you personalized support and comfort.

If you’ve decided to purchase a Novaform mattress, then you know exactly where to find it. The best part of it all is that you don’t need to think outside the box when it comes to setting it up. In 3 easy steps and under 3 minutes, you’ll be well on your way to the best kind of sleep.

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