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Sheela Group owns the Sleepwell brand of mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories. In fact, Sleepwell is considered as the company’s flagship brand! Established in 1971, the company has a strong presence in its home country, India, as well as in foreign countries including the United States. Its commitment to a one-point program of comfort, convenience and luxury in bedding products underlines its products.

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Recognized Industry Leader

Sheela Group has a dozen state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with its products distributed by over 100 distributors and 5,000 dealers across India, as well as in the United States. It has also won several industry awards including the 2012 Information Week Silver Edge Award, the CIO 100 Leadership Award, and the Dataquest Innovator Award.

Indeed, the Sleepwell is widely recognized in India as the go-to specialist brand for sleep support solutions designed to contribute to feelings of wellness and calmness among its customers.  The brand is characterized by its balance between the discerning demands of its target customers and the latest in technological innovations, a testament to its core philosophy of being the trendsetter in the competitive global industry.

Wide Range of Selections

The Sleepwell brand offers its target customers a comprehensive array of bedding products including:

  • Premium Range, which include the Latex Plus, Impressions, Duet, Duet Luxury, and Resitec air mattresses
  • Spring Fresh Range, which include the high-quality Amity, Harmony, Serenity, Tranquil Royale, and Tranquil mattresses
  • Flexi PUF Range, which include conventional and back support mattresses
  • Flexi Coir Range, which come in traditional coir base with superior 3-way Anti-sag Technology.

Other products include bolsters, pillows and back cushions as well as mattress protectors, comforters, bed sheet sets, and baby care sets.  Customers can even choose from the brand’s furniture line to complement their complete bedroom sets including the mattress, pillows and bolsters, and linens.

Customers can choose from spring, foam, memory foam and rubberized coir mattresses with a few models coming in several types, such as in foam and memory foam. The mattresses are often 4.5 inches thick at least and 8 inches thick at most. The warranty on the products differ according to the model but cheaper models usually have 1 to 3 years warranty while pricier models have longer warranty periods from 1 to 10 years.

The Spring Fresh Range is the result of a collaboration between two industry leaders.  The beds are designed with the latest in innerspring technology, which is characterized by a steel innerspring coil support fibers and fibers and foam for comfort at the surface.  These products also have durable stitching and plush fabrics for its cover to ensure durability and beauty, respectively.

The Impressions Range is Sleepwell’s premium line of memory foam mattresses. Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, was originally developed by NASA to provide superior cushioning in aircraft seats but has since been applied in consumer areas.  The temperature-sensitive material provides the ultimate experience in spine support, pressure relief, and body comfort, thus, its high popularity even with its higher price tag.

The Resitec Range includes Resitec Air, which features a Resitec Core made of high-resilience memory foam and RetiCoolTM Layer with its advanced air flow circulation design. The result: A mattress that provides significant relief even during hot and humid nights.

The Medcare Range was specifically designed for elderly individuals and sick persons whose needs and wants in a bed are different from the general population. These specialty mattresses have specially-developed materials and treatments for the unique requirements in comfort, support and hygiene.

Among the models under the Sleepwell brand are:

  • Regal, a mattress designed with Responsive Profile Technology wherein temperature-sensitive memory foam is at its core. Over time, the benefits of sleeping, such as better spine support and better pressure relief, on it become more apparent.
  • Serenity, a mattress with a luxurious pillow top coupled with memory foam and PUF for greater comfort when sleeping. The pocket innerspring system provides added support, which is important for people who have the tendency to toss and turn while sleeping.
  • Duet Luxury, a mattress with a firm and soft side for personalized, all-season comfort especially for couples. It is also designed with premium knitted fabric cover for better air flow and soft feel.

Furthermore, Sleepwell mattresses are treated with Health FreshTM, an advanced treatment designed to inhibit the growth of possibly harmful microorganisms including dust mites, bacteria and fungi. By reducing the risks for the growth of these pathogens, the beds are highly recommended for people with respiratory issues, such as asthma.

In many ways, the Sleepwell brand of mattresses deliver on its promise of sleeping well. The trick is in choosing the best type of mattress that will address your unique needs in the levels of firmness, comfort and support as well as size.  Just remember, too, that even a world-class mattress will be of little use if and when your sleeping habits leave something to be desired.

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