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Expert Advice on How to Improve Your Sleep

Do you find it hard to find your sleep at night? Do you wake up and feel even worse? Sleep problems may seem trivial, but they can have serious consequences for your life and your health. You shouldn’t ignore this problem, but getting addicted to sleeping pills isn’t the answer either.

So what should you do instead? Here are some of the tips put forth by the leading sleep experts today:

1. Make sure you’re using the right mattress.

We all have different preferences and sleeping habits, so you need a mattress that suits your style. It has to be both comfy and supportive, and you really should allocate some serious money for this. Mattresses like the popular Purple mattress may not be cheap, but they’re worth it. Besides, they’ll last for a very long time so it’s like paying a dollar or so to have a good night’s sleep.

2. Start your day at the same time.

If you’re like most people who either have to go to work or to school in the morning, you probably have an alarm to wake you up at the right time. If you’re lucky, your body may even get used to this and you may have developed a habit of waking up at the same time every morning.

That’s actually a good thing, but you can disrupt this when you sleep in and change your sleep and waking up habits during the weekend. It’s much better for you to wake up at your usual time regardless of what day it is, so that you can feel well-rested every morning.

3. Be active throughout the day.

Of course, spending some time in the gym can help you get healthy and lose weight, plus it encourages better sleep at night. Yet you can also just try to be more active during the day regardless of whether you work out or not. Try to take long walks, and take the stairs rather than the elevator. This will help to tire you out sufficient so at night you’re more than ready to go to sleep.

4. Stop drinking coffee in the afternoon.

If you drink coffee in the afternoon and you find yourself unable to get a good night’s sleep, then these events may not be coincidental. Caffeine has different effects on individuals, and it may be possible that the caffeine jolt you get so late in the day is still affecting your body and keeping your from getting your sleep.

5. Keep the bedroom temperature within an ideal range.

It’s hard to fall asleep when it’s too hot or too cold, that’s why you need to set your HVAC system at night to a temperature range of 65 to 72 degrees F. If it’s too warm, then you may need to invest in an air conditioner. When it’s too cold, you can use a stand-alone radiator as it’s safer than space heater when left on during the night.

6. Develop a night time routine.

It’s good to have a pre-sleep bedtime routine at night. It tells your brain to prepare to go to sleep. The ritual mentally gets your mind and body ready to rest as you go about the steps in the process. This can include brushing your teeth, flossing, brushing your hair, and changing into your sleep clothes.

7. Try some non-caf herbal tea.

If you’re having some trouble falling asleep, it’s easy enough to succumb to the temptation of taking some sleeping pills. But why risk getting addicted when you have healthier natural alternatives? A cup of hot tea can help you relax right before sleeping, as long as you make sure that there’s no caffeine in it. The best relaxants among herbal teas include valerian, mint, and chamomile.

8. Take a warm bath or shower.

This can be part of your pre-sleep routine, as it offers several benefits. A warm shower or bath can keep your body temperature in the proper range, while the warmth can also soothe your tired muscles. The steam can also open your sinuses so you can breathe more easily while you sleep.

9. Sleep in the dark.

The brain is a funny thing. When it sees the lights of your lamp or your electronic devices, it unconsciously decides that it’s still day time so it resists sleeping. So turn off your TV and other devices that can keep the lights on. You may also want to buy a sleep mask, if keeping the light out is impossible where you live.

If you’re having trouble, try every tip mentioned here first before you do something as drastic as take sleeping pills. You have to do something—the quality of your sleep can greatly affect your health and your moods. Waking up refreshed every morning surely feels better than waking up grouchy and fatigued!

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