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Comfort is perhaps the most important thing that people look for when they shop for mattresses, and Comfortaire knows this all too well. The ideal mattress gives you the right kind of support but also the comfort that you seek – and true to its name, Comfortaire gives comfort like no other.

They set their mattresses apart by using air. Air is what they use to give adjustable and dynamic support that fits your needs to a tee. It changes as you change, adjusts as your needs adjust, and gives you the security of a 25-year limited warranty.

Below are the estimated Comfortaire mattress prices.


Genesis Series

G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopTwin$1,029.00
G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopTwin XL$1,079.00
G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopFull$1,219.00
G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopQueen$1,299.00
G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopKing$1,759.00
G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopCalifornia King$1,759.00
G10 - 10 Inch Zip TopSplit King$1,909.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopTwin$1,629.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopTwin XL$1,679.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopFull$1,819.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopQueen$1,999.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopKing$2,259.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopCalifornia King$2,259.00
G12 - 12 Inch Faux Euro Zip TopSplit King$2,634.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopTwin$2,079.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopTwin XL$2,129.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopFull$2,319.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopQueen$2,399.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopKing$2,959.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopCalifornia King$2,959.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopSplit King$3,699.00
G13 - 13 Inch Euro TopSplit California King$3,699.00

Nouvelle Series

N11 - 11 Inch Euro TopTwin XL$2,779.00
N11 - 11 Inch Euro TopFull$3,069.00
N11 - 11 Inch Euro TopQueen$3,239.00
N11 - 11 Inch Euro TopKing$4,059.00
N11 - 11 Inch Euro TopCalifornia King$4,059.00
N11 - 11 Inch Euro TopSplit King$4,409.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopTwin XL$3,029.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopFull$3,219.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopQueen$3,399.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopKing$3,959.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopCalifornia King$3,959.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopSplit King$4,499.00
N15 - 15 Inch Box TopSplit California King$4,499.00

Ultimate Series

U11 - 11 Inch Euro Split TopTwin XL$3,279.00
U11 - 11 Inch Euro Split TopQueen$3,709.00
U11 - 11 Inch Euro Split TopKing$4,209.00
U11 - 11 Inch Euro Split TopCalifornia King$4,209.00
U11 - 11 Inch Euro Split TopSplit King$5,309.00
U11 - 11 Inch Euro Split TopSplit California King$5,309.00
U15 - 15 Inch Box TopTwin XL$5,079.00
U15 - 15 Inch Box TopQueen$5,739.00
U15 - 15 Inch Box TopKing$6,709.00
U15 - 15 Inch Box TopCalifornia King$6,709.00
U15 - 15 Inch Box TopSplit King$7,309.00

Waterbed Replacement

13 Inch Euro TopTwin XL$2,779.00
13 Inch Euro TopFull$3,069.00
13 Inch Euro TopQueen$3,239.00
13 Inch Euro TopQueen XL$4,059.00
13 Inch Euro TopKing$4,059.00
13 Inch Euro TopCalifornia King$4,059.00

RV Mattress

9 Inch Zip TopTwin$919.00
9 Inch Zip TopTwin XL$964.00
9 Inch Zip TopFull$1,129.00
9 Inch Zip TopQueen$1,229.00
9 Inch Zip TopQueen Short$1,229.00
9 Inch Zip TopKing$1,629.00
9 Inch Zip TopKing Short$1,629.00
9 Inch Zip TopCalifornia King$1,629.00

Comfortaire mattresses are readily available where mattresses can be found, so it’s highly likely you’ll find a store near you. If you purchase online, they even have free shipping on all their sales, with flexible delivery options. Another great thing about Comfortaire is that they have a 100-night risk-free trial, which removes the pressure from you and ensures that you’re really getting the mattress that you need.

Company History

Founded in 1981, Comfortaire has over 30 years of experience in bringing comfort that matters. The company’s story began with the invention of a unique airbed – which had an independently adjustable surface that utilizes latex-cotton air chambers. They built the company knowing that a good night’s sleep rests on comfort, support, and posture. This is the pyramid that they have built their products on, and the airbed that they eventually perfected and patented satisfy all three elements.

In 2013, Select Comfort, its largest competitor, acquired Comfortaire in a deal worth $15.5 million. Select Comfort President & CEO, Sally Ibach, said, “This investment progresses our role as the leader in delivering innovative products as part of an individualized sleep experience, while also strengthening our company’s competitive advantages.”

When it was purchased as an independent subsidiary, Comfortaire already had 410 company-owned retail stores nationwide. Today it joins the Select Comfort family, which is based in Plymouth, Minnesota. Under the same company umbrella, it joins the Sleep Number brand of mattresses, foundations, and bedding accessories.

Company’s Pride In Its Products

Comfortaire’s equation is simple. Static Support + Dynamic Posture Control + Plush Surface Comfort, to give you the best comfort you can ask for. Comfortaire mattresses are distinct because of these very unique features that they take pride in:

  • Air everywhere – Comfortaire uses air to give you a mattress that’s not too firm and not too soft, but just right. Pressure is the same at every point, and the dynamic air chambers at the top of the mattress extends right to the edges. This allows the mattress to adjust to the unique contours of each person sleeping on the mattress.
  • Individualized Sleep Experiences™ – Sleep is a very personal thing, and Comfortaire knows that you can’t just give a one-size-fits-all solution to everyone. This is why their mattresses are fully adjustable and individualized.
  • Dynamic Support System™ – The dynamic posture control and support system means that your mattress takes your changing sleeping posture into consideration. The support doesn’t end with the first time you use it, because as you change and as your needs adjust, your mattress follows.
  • Bamboo & Beans – Another thing that makes Comfortaire mattresses unique is their use of sustainable, eco-friendly, natural products. The bamboo-based rayon mattress covers makes use of 100% bamboo pulp fibers, giving you a mesh-like structure that keeps you fresh all the time. It’s also worth noting that many of products replace a portion of the petroleum-based traditional foam with sustainable, renewable resources.

Available Collections

When you shop for a Comfortaire mattress, you can choose among several collections:


This adjustable air mattress collection combines features like WhisperFlo™ air control technology and Original Air Technology – giving you the kind of support that only the best air mattresses can give.


The Nouvelle collection takes comfort a step higher with three adjustable bed models. This collection is characterized by the exclusive Attune Design™, which envelopes your body completely with edge-to-edge air, significantly reducing or even eliminating pain in various pressure points. This ensures that you sleep comfortably for the full night, without tossing and turning.


The Ultimate adjustable bed collection puts together Comfortaire’s most advanced sleep technologies, with a unique split-top design that comes together with a power base. This eliminates motion transfer and allows you (and your partner) to have a good night’s rest without disturbing each other.

Specialty Comfort

This collection is even more special, because Comfortaire knows that many people have unique requirements. Whether you want to bring comfort on the go, like when you’re traveling on the road, or you want the classic Genesis but with a waterbed twist, this collection is for you.

Comfortaire has a history of innovation that truly shows in their beds, and if you want to experience it for yourself, then you should get your very own Comfortaire now.

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