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Say “Simmons” and the name rings a bell in the bedding industry for good reasons. Established in 1870, the Simmons Bedding Company has built a strong reputation for being a groundbreaking mattress manufacturer with a passionate commitment to ongoing research and development on the ultimate in comfort and support in beds. Indeed, the brand is synonymous with state-of-the-art mattress technologies from the core to the cover, thus, resulting in durable, stable and strong, even beautiful, mattresses of nearly-unparalleled quality.

Below are the estimated Simmons mattress prices.


Simmons BeautySleep Solar Fest

PlushTwin XL$349
PlushFull XL$364
PlushCal King$465

Simmons BeautySleep Sparkle Sky

FirmTwin XL$401
FirmFull XL$413
FirmCal King$566
Euro Top PlushTwin$364
Euro Top PlushTwin XL$401
Euro Top PlushFull$401
Euro Top PlushFull XL$413
Euro Top PlushQueen$413
Euro Top PlushKing$566
Euro Top PlushCal King$566

Simmons BeautySleep Star Fall

Luxury FirmTwin$413
Luxury FirmTwin XL$454
Luxury FirmFull$454
Luxury FirmFull XL$465
Luxury FirmQueen$465
Luxury FirmKing$671
Luxury FirmCal King$671
Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin$465
Luxury Firm Pillow TopTwin XL$506
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull$506
Luxury Firm Pillow TopFull XL$518
Luxury Firm Pillow TopQueen$518
Luxury Firm Pillow TopKing$724
Luxury Firm Pillow TopCal King$724
PlushTwin XL$454
PlushFull XL$465
PlushCal King$671
Plush Pillow TopTwin$465
Plush Pillow TopTwin XL$506
Plush Pillow TopFull$506
Plush Pillow TopFull XL$518
Plush Pillow TopQueen$518
Plush Pillow TopKing$724
Plush Pillow TopCal King$724

A History of Innovations

Simmons has introduced several innovations in mattress technology since its inception. In the 1900s, for example, the company developed an automated machine that can build wrapped coil springs at a faster rate than through then-existing manual processes. The machine, which was known as the Simmons Pocketed Coil spring machine, was instrumental in in the development of the Beautyrest mattress, the company’s signature collection today.

In the 1950s, Simmons also introduced the world’s first-ever king- and queen-size mattresses, which became industry standards soon after. In 2008, it invented the hybrid technology wherein Pocketed Coil technology was combined with memory foam technology – and the rest of its competitors followed.

A Tradition of Quality Sleep Products

Simmons banks on its commitment to innovations in mattress technology in maintaining its reputation as among the world’s best bedding providers. Customers can choose from two main collections, namely, Beautyrest and Beautysleep with each collection comprised of several models.

First, the Beautyrest Collection is the company’s signature brand of mattresses, which has its roots in 1925 with the development of the Pocketed Coil technology. With a Beautyrest mattress, you will enjoy the ultimate in conforming back support and body comfort as well as the motion separation benefit. This translates to restful sleep throughout the night, thanks to the fact that tossing and turning due to a too lumpy, or too soft, or too firm mattress can be reduced.

The collection has several models including:

  • The Recharge mattresses can be purchased with SmartMotion Base Powered by Sleeptracker, a smart technology that promotes optimum sleep patterns. The technology has sophisticated yet easy-to-use sleep tracking and coaching features, in addition to playing soothing sounds so that you can fall asleep faster and easier.
  • The Platinum mattresses are known for their expert craftsmanship, superior style, and exceptional comfort and support-related features. Choices include the traditional innerspring mattress and the hybrid mattress, both of which have the legendary Pocketed Coil technology at its core. Benefits of use include personalized back support, pressure point relief, and freedom of movement with little to no transfer of movement.
  • The Black mattresses are the most luxurious in the collection. Selected models have temperature management features that, when coupled with the Micro Diamond Memory Foam, takes restful sleep to the luxurious levels.

Indeed, there are good reasons why the Beautyrest Collection continues to be popular among the current generation several decades after its introduction.  Your job is to choose the best mattress that will meet your needs in terms of price, materials, and thickness, among other features. You have to carefully consider your choices in this collection especially as the Beautyrest mattresses of your grandparents and parents are not the same as the current ones.

Beautysleep Collection

The Beautysleep Collection is the newest line from Simmons. According to the manufacturer, the mattresses provide the ideal sleeping surface to ensure the best beauty sleep ever, every night of the year for several years. The benefits of better support, durability and sleep can be attributed to the following features in every Beautysleep mattress:

  • Stretch-knit fabric for the cover provides a comfortable, soft and luxurious sleeping surface while the circular knit design makes for an elegant appearance
  • All-night support, thanks to the foam-encased edge-of-the-mattress support system, which maximizes the sleeping area while also providing a relatively stable seating edge
  • AirCool Memory Foam promotes superior support including pressure relief, thanks to its body contouring properties, while also encouraging more freedom of movement since there is little transfer of motions made (i.e., only available on selected models)
  • Added support comes from the 700 Series Wrapped Coil Technology that provides increased back support and motion separation
  • Increased comfort from the GelTouch foam, a luxurious gel foam known for its softness and support (i.e., only on selected models, too)

The Beautysleep mattresses are also covered in damask fabric, a lightweight, silky and soft yet durable fabric.

Aside from these features, you will also love the added features on selected mattress models. You can enjoy a massage while lying on the bed – just lie on the bed, choose from a six-level massage system, and enjoy the pampering at no extra cost.  You can even raise the head on your snoring partner’s side of the bed to reduce the snore’s volume.

With a Simmons mattress, you will find that optimized sleep is not just an abstract concept but a concrete benefit! Get one now and start on it!

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