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For a start-up company, Casper has shocked the retail industry with its innovative products that basically include Casper pillows, sheets and mattress. Its mattress has specifically brought the company to the hall of fame, attributing the quality of the product to the accolades received.

Captioning their mattress as the “perfect mattress for everyone”, it boasts of features that offer a competitive advantage over the veterans in the mattress category of the retail industry. Its sleep surface is said to be universally comfortable because it relieves pressure by providing a perfect contour to the body while keeping a cool temperature and healthy bounce.

Below are the estimated Casper mattress prices.


The Casper Mattress

Casper MattressTwin$595.00
Casper MattressTwin XL$645.00
Casper MattressFull$895.00
Casper MattressQueen$995.00
Casper MattressKing$1,195.00
Casper MattressCalifornia King$1,195.00

Prices subject to change. Last updated on March 18, 2019 6:12 am.

For more than three years in operation, Casper has been in a never-ending pursuit to produce a mattress that goes beyond standard quality. Since its launch, the company has been continuously recreating their mattress based on research and feedback from more than 400,000 customers. Their Casper mattress is proudly a blend of pressure-relieving memory foam and a breathable top layer for a perfect and weightless sleep support.

Brief Company Profile

Casper started its operations in April of 2014. On its third year now and counting, the company initially spent so much time testing thousands of foam combinations to come up with one perfect sleep surface prior to its launching which they were successfully able to, and from then on, they have been unstoppable.

Their first office space in 45 Bond Street did not only serve as office, but also the company’s first inventory warehouse and late night hangout spot. Starting with only 5 employees and cofounders at the same time, they quickly grew to 30 and relocated to a larger office space. As of last year, Casper has employed 157 talented individuals and expanded to 4 offices and 8 different countries.

After creating the one perfect mattress, Casper ventured further into making innovative sleep products which included one perfect pillow, one perfect sheet and even a dog mattress.

The employees of Casper have invested all their efforts and talents in producing top quality sleeping products and all these have paid off with the accolades that the company has garnered. Casper is proudly awarded the following: One of Time’s 25 Best Inventions of 25, Fast Company Innovation by Design Finalist 2015, and Big Innovation Award 2016.

According to Fast Company, Casper ranked second in the retail category next to Amazon and bagged 36th place overall. It is competitively being classified alongside Snapchat, Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb, Chobani and Slack as a great company.

Casper Mattress Features

Casper mattress was quickly known as a perfect sleep surface with pressure-relieving memory foam system and springy, breathable top layer. It leaves you feeling completely supported and almost weightless. It has just the right sink and the right bounce because it is designed for everything that you may do in bed.

Below are the highlighted features of the Casper mattress:

Open-Cell Layer

The Casper mattress attributes its cool temperature design to the open-cell top layer with ample breathability to facilitate air circulation and keep you cool. It uses conduction and convection to allow heat to flow away from your body and pass freely beneath the body regardless of body contour and movements. It is the open-cell foam that adds bounce and keeps you cool.

Responsive Memory Foam

This responsive, high-density memory foam is intended to provide the user relief from pressure. Casper uses a unique compression machine that ensures no unwarranted pressure on any part of the sleep surface.

Adaptive Transition Foam

With its transitional designed layer, it is meant to offer full comfort and ease consistently throughout weight distribution.

Durable Support Foam

This support foam is intended to strengthen the comfort layers and also increases durability for longer use.

Woven Cover

The woven cover is made from premium quality fabric providing flexibility, resiliency and breathability.

The makers of Casper learned from extensive research the four key factors affecting sleep quality: support, comfort, durability and temperature. Thus, the cool temperature feature of the product mentioned above. They also considered the following factors in making the one perfect mattress which are firmness, density, rebound speed, airflow, transition temperature and odor.

The Casper mattress is designed to rest on any flat platform or surface for direct support. For your choice of foundation, they have a Casper foundation for ultimate support. Another option is to use a box spring with solid wood slats that are 4 inches apart. Your slats must be made of wood, secured to the base and durable enough to hold the mattress together.

All the foams are guaranteed Certipur, a certification that means upholding the highest environmental production standards and ultra-low VOC materials. To add to the environment-friendly attributes of the mattress, it is guaranteed free from harmful chemical flame retardants as it only uses mechanical fire sock produced from silica threads.

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