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Top Ways Your Body Tells You That You Need a New Mattress

Some people balk at paying top prices for a mattress. After all, it is true that some mattresses can be as costly as some secondhand cars.

Take the Swedish Duxiana Mattress brand, which graces many of the best rooms in premium hotels all over the world. They combine opulent comfort with the latest mattress technology, which is why their cheapest model goes for $3,445. Pick the California King Size Dux 8008, and you will have to fork out $14,680.

But if you think about it, these mattresses aren’t as expensive as you might think. After all, you spend more time in bed than you do in your car. Also, even the top price of $14,680 makes sense as the mattress will last for a full 10 years. That’s about $4 a night, and that’s less than what some specialty coffee shops charge for a cup of java.

Now when should you change your mattress? Of course, you need to replace it if it has become irrevocably misshapen and damaged. Experts also recommend that you change your mattress every 5 to 10 years.

Your body can also tell you that you really need to get your mattress replaced. Here are some signs to watch out for:

1. You Get Better Sleep When You Sleep in Other Places

Your bedroom is there for you to customize to your preferences, so in theory you should be able to get your best sleep here than anywhere else. However, if you generally find that you sleep much better in a hotel room or a buddy’s guest bedroom, then you better rethink your bedroom mattress. Your body has just gone through a comparative study, and it’s telling you what it likes. You may want to inquire about the mattresses in those other beds so you can get a similar sleep experience.

2. You Keep Waking Up Fatigued

You wake up tired in the morning as a natural result of tossing and turning during then night. That may be your bed’s fault, as it’s not enabling you to get the deep sleep you need. A bed has to be both supportive and comfortable, and its main function is to encourage you to fall asleep. If it’s failing its function, you need to replace it. You’ll know you got a better mattress when you end up waking energized in the morning.

3. You Find Yourself Waking Up Through the Night

An uncomfortable bed can keep you from remaining asleep, and that means there’s a good chance you will wake up during the night because you’re just not feeling comfy in your own bed.

It’s true that you can wake up during the night for other reasons. There may be some disturbing light outside your window or a neighbor suddenly decided to have a loud party.

But if you can’t pinpoint the source of your sudden alertness, then it’s probably because your bed is bothering you. It’s much easier to sleep through the night when your bed is just so comfortable that you can’t help but fall asleep when you’re on it.

4. You Wake Up with Morning Allergies

Don’t be too quick to blame the cold weather when you wake with the sniffles. The problem may actually be dust mites. Mattresses and beddings are ideal homes for these little critters, and it’s been suggested that mattresses will actually double its own weight in a few years because of all the dust mites it has accommodated through the years. These dust mites tend to cause allergic reactions, so if your bed is getting on in years and you keep having a morning cold, then you may want to get a new mattress instead.

5. You Have Body Pains when You Wake Up

Do you wake up feeling like you spend a few rounds with Mike Tyson in the ring? While age is a factor here, there’s also a very good chance that your mattress is at fault. That’s especially true if you’ve been using the same mattress for at least 5 years.

Not even the best and most expensive mattresses are designed to maintain their shapes indefinitely. As the years go by, your body will make the normal depressions in the mattress. This will then lead to sagging areas that will then provide uneven support for your body. The uneven support can in turn cause various aches in your body.

So when you wake up achy and tired in the morning, your bed may have been beating you up at night. It may be time for you to get a new bed free from all the depressions and sagging areas that your old mattress may have.

Don’t think of a good mattress as an unnecessary expense. It’s integral for your sleep, and on a per-day basis it’s a cheap way to ensure your health.

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