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Sleep Number is a brand of mattresses manufactured by Sleep Comfort, a Plymouth, Minnesota-based company with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Utah and South Carolina. Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Robert and JoAnn Walker in 1987, the company sells its products in nearly 500 company-owned stores in the United States as well as in direct marketing channels and via its online shop ( Such is its dedication to innovation in the bedding industry that it holds 23 issued and pending patents in the United States and 40 foreign issued and pending patents.

Below are the estimated Sleep Number bed prices.


Classic Bed Series

c2 FirmTwin$499.99
c2 FirmTwin XL$599.99
c2 FirmFull$599.99
c2 FirmQueen$799.99
c2 FirmKing$1,249.99
c2 FirmCal King$1,249.99
c4 PlushTwin$1,499.98
c4 PlushTwin XL$1,649.98
c4 PlushFull$1,724.98
c4 PlushQueen$1,799.98
c4 PlushKing$2,449.98
c4 PlushCal King$2,449.98
CSE BedTwin$1,699.98
CSE BedTwin XL$1,849.98
CSE BedFull$1,999.98
CSE BedQueen$2,099.98
CSE BedKing$2,699.98
CSE BedCal King$2,699.98

Performance Series Beds

p5Twin XL$1,549.99
p5Cal King$2,249.99
p6Twin XL$2,099.99
p6Cal King$2,999.99

Memory Foam Series Beds

m6Twin XL$1,749.99
m6Cal King$2,799.99
m7Twin XL$2,699.99
m7Cal King$3,649.99

Innovation Series Beds

i8Twin XL$2,449.99
i8Cal King$3,499.99
i10Cal King$5,299.98

x12 Series Beds

x12Cal King$9,999.99

SleepIQ Kids

Kids k1Twin$799.99
Kids k1Full$999.99
Kids k1Queen$1,099.99

Signature Product

While Select Comfort has several product lines, the Sleep Number bed is considered as its signature product. The adjustable air mattress features “sleep number” settings that adjust the softness and firmness of the mattress, a feature especially useful for couples who want separate levels of firmness in the same bed.

The mattress’ firmness is adjusted via air pressure such that the higher the number, the higher the pressure, and the greater the firmness; the settings go up to 100. This feature is available on larger beds including full-sized beds, which are designed with separate chambers for separate adjustments.

The Sleep Number beds come in several models with each model offering practical features aside from the adjustable firmness.  These beds also come in several versions including latex foam and memory foam, thus, increasing the number of choices for shoppers.

Practical Features

Select Comfort is dedicated to providing its customers with the best sleep of their lives, a commitment that manifests itself in the numerous practical features of the Sleep Number beds. The settings, which range from feather soft to extra firm, are just one of these features designed to provide individualized comfort for each sleeper.

The materials used on the beds, particularly memory foam, haven been chosen for their body contouring properties. Keep in mind that proper spine alignment during sleep is a must since it reduces the risks for upper and lower back pain as well as tossing and turning during the night, which contribute to restful sleep. Proper spine alignment during sleep is made possible through sufficient cushioning, support and comfort for the hips, back and neck.

In a study, such benefit has been proven with 89 percent of participants reporting improved sleep quality (i.e., less tossing and turning) while on a Sleep Number bed. Select Comfort, in fact, takes pride in the bed’s clinically proven benefits of relieving back pain and boosting sleep quality, no matter the age and preferences of its customers.

The beds are also designed with an innovative technology known as SleepIQ, a built-in system of sensors that tracks sleep patterns for sleep optimization purposes. The sensors can track your movement, heartbeat and breathing patterns, which are then relayed to a web-based smartphone app. You can use the information to make appropriate adjustments in the mattress’ firmness, not to mention that you will also get a report card on how well you slept (i.e., tossing and turning or minimal movement during the night).

You can also use the app to determine the possible factors behind your less-than-optimum sleep patterns, such as your lifestyle activities. You can input on the journal, for example, your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits to determine their impact on your sleep quality.  You will then be able to make appropriate adjustments in your lifestyle habits and enjoy restful sleep every night.

No wonder then that 92 percent of Sleep Number bed owners have attested about their satisfaction for the product as well as their willingness to recommend it to their family and friends.

The beds are also known for their superior durability in comparison with other brands. A Sleep Number foam mattress can last twice as long as its innerspring counterpart but with almost the same price. Good value for your money can be found here, indeed!

Each mattress also comes with a limited 25-year warranty. Proper care and maintenance measures are obviously necessary to avail of the warranty, an industry standard that applies to other brands, too.

Product Lines

Sleep Number beds come in several product lines including:

Classic Series

This is the company’s first mattress and still one of the more popular because of its affordability coupled with its adjustable firmness, soft woven fabric cover, and sufficient support.

Performance Series

This ups the ante in the enviable combo of softness and support especially for people who want pressure relief. The mattresses are designed with breathable knit fabric, proprietary PlushFit foam for head-to-toe contouring, and zones for support from the head to the feet, as well as come with a remote to set the right setting.

Memory Foam Series

These are unique mattresses in that these are the only memory foam beds with adjustable firmness, thanks to the SleepIQ technology. The M6 mattress, for example, has a 10-inch LuxFit memory foam that provides soft yet supportive cushioning in the pressure points while also giving a luxurious skin-on-cloth feel.

Innovation Series

This is the company’s most advanced mattresses so far. The iLE, for example, is 14-inch duvet style mattress with a 3-inch comfort layer and breathable air flow design.

Other products are the X12 and the Kids Series.

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