Tempurpedic Prices

When it comes to the gold standard in luxurious memory foam-based mattresses, the first name that comes to mind is always Tempur-Pedic. Manufactured by Tempur-Pedic International, Inc., a Lexington, Kentucky-based company, these products are based on the National Aeronautic and Space Administration’s (NASA) research for the development of a foam material with superior cushioning properties; the material was originally designed for aircraft seats with the purpose of improving survival rates after an accident.

Today, memory foam is used in a wide range of applications notably in mattresses and pillows because of their excellent body contouring qualities.

Below are the estimated Tempurpedic prices.



PrimaTwin XL$1,599
PrimaSplit King$3,098
PrimaCal King$2,699
PrimaSplit Cal King$3,098
SupremeTwin XL$2,199
SupremeSplit King$4,298
SupremeCal King$3,299
SupremeSplit Cal King$4,298
EliteTwin XL$2,799
EliteSplit King$5,498
EliteCal King$3,899
EliteSplit Cal King$5,498


PrimaTwin XL$1,199
PrimaSplit King$2,398
PrimaCal King$2,299
PrimaSplit Cal King$2,398
SupremeTwin XL$1,999
SupremeSplit King$3,898
SupremeCal King$3,099
SupremeSplit Cal King$3,898
EliteTwin XL$2,699
EliteSplit King$5,198
EliteCal King$3,799
EliteSplit Cal King$5,198
Supreme BreezeTwin XL$2,699
Supreme BreezeQueen$3,199
Supreme BreezeKing$3,799
Supreme BreezeSplit King$5,398
Supreme BreezeCal King$3,799
Supreme BreezeSplit Cal King$5,398
LuxeTwin XL$3,199
LuxeSplit King$6,398
LuxeCal King$4,299
LuxeSplit Cal King$6,398
Luxe BreezeTwin XL$4,199
Luxe BreezeQueen$4,699
Luxe BreezeKing$5,299
Luxe BreezeSplit King$8,398
Luxe BreezeCal King$5,299
Luxe BreezeSplit Cal King$8,398


SupremeTwin XL$1,699
SupremeSplit King$3,398
SupremeCal King$2,799
SupremeSplit Cal King$3,398
EliteTwin XL$2,499
EliteSplit King$4,698
EliteCal King$3,599
EliteSplit Cal King$4,698


LuxeTwin XL$2,999
LuxeSplit King$5,998
LuxeCal King$4,099
LuxeSplit Cal King$5,998
BreezeTwin XL$3,399
BreezeSplit King$6,798
BreezeCal King$4,499
BreezeSplit Cal King$6,798

The AlluraBed by Tempur-Pedic

Pillow TopTwin XL$3,799
Pillow TopQueen$4,299
Pillow TopKing$4,899
Pillow TopSplit King$7,598
Pillow TopCal King$4,899
Pillow TopSplit Cal King$7,598

History of the Company

Fagerdala World Foams, a Sweden-based company specializing in technical foam applications, was the first to introduce the Tempur-Pedic mattress to the world. In 1992, the brand was introduced in the United States and Tempur-Pedic, Inc. was established for its production and distribution here.

In 1999, Tempur World was established by the nine distributors of Fagerdala World Foams in a merger. By 2002, the holding company became Tempur-Pedic International, Inc., which became a publicly-traded company in 2003. In 2012, the company merged with Sealy Corporation to become the world’s largest mattress and bedding company; the two companies, however, will continue to operate independently.

Aside from its world-class mattresses and pillows, the company also boasts of several industry awards for its business principles and practices. In 2009, for example, it was recognized for its direct marketing program by the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA).

Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. is recognized in the bedding industry as one of the best, an acknowledgement of the outstanding qualities of its products in terms of superior support, foam durability, and model variety as well as in product availability. While its mattresses are generally 20 to 55 percent more expensive than the competition, these benefits more than make up for the cost.  Even its disadvantages, such as longer break-in period and greater difficulty in movement, are minor in nature.

The company also adheres to a philosophy that everybody deserves the benefits of great sleep every night – or whenever necessary, such as in naps. Its passion for better sleep for everybody underlines its commitment to building quality products, introducing innovative features, and ensuring high customer satisfaction. In its dedication to customer satisfaction, the company offers its customers the expertise of Sleep Experts in finding the right mattress and pillow, the 90 Night Tryout program, and the White Glove Delivery Service (i.e., company representatives deliver the bed and set it up).

The bedding company also stands behind its products through warranties. In general, mattresses and adjustable bases have a 10-year limited warranty; cushions and pillows have a 3-year limited warranty; and bed linens have a 1-year limited warranty.  Terms and conditions apply.

Product Lines of the Company

Tempur-Pedic mattresses come in several product lines with each line boasting of distinctive features as well as price range. You can ask the Sleep Experts for assistance in choosing the right size, materials and features for your beds, too. You will also find mattresses in several price ranges from mid-range to high-end.

New Tempur-Breeze

The Breeze line features a cooling technology known as Pure Cool, which helps your body keep cool before and during sleep almost as soon as you make contact with the mattress. The products are designed with several layers including a cooling cover made with lightweight, breathable and performance fabric as well as PureCool Comfort layer made from Tempur material.  You will find that the ultra-breathable design means that heat and humidity will flow faster away from your body so you can sleep faster and longer.


The Contour line is characterized by its firm and contour-responsive memory foam material, which provides ultimate support and alignment especially for the spine and pressure points.  By evenly distributing body weight across the viscoelastic mattress, the stress on the pressure points can be significantly lessened and a comfortable sleep can be enjoyed.  The mattresses are also designed with a Refresh top cover, a durable zip-on, zip-off easy-to-maintain cover and antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of microorganisms (e.g., dust mites).

Elite Breeze, a mattress that provides firm support and cooling comfort, and Allura, a plush mattress with body-aligning comfort features, are a few of the models under the Contour line.


The Cloud line offers soft and supportive mattresses that combine the signature plush Tempur comfort with the best in adaptive support. A few of the mattresses here also offer cooling technology designed for people who sleep hot. Among the models include the Luxe Breeze, Supreme Breeze, and Luxe.


The Flex line has adaptive and responsive mattresses including Supreme Breeze, Elite and Supreme. Made from the signature Tempur material, the beds also allow for easier movements in comparison with traditional mattresses, thanks to its slightly springy quality.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing the Tempur-Pedic mattresses now and choose the best one for your sleeping needs!

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