Eve Mattress Prices

A mattress with a combined beauty and simplicity at a surprisingly fair price is what eve had been trying to develop for the longest time until they finally created the most comfortable mattress ever.

The people working at eve believe that “Every great day starts the night before.” What does eve mattress has that makes it unique and distinct? For one, it does not use spring as pressure is not evenly distributed and spring loses 16% of its support after the first year of use.

Next, it uses new generation memory foam as it distributes pressure evenly for ultimate support and comfort. The new generation memory foam is designed to provide natural insulation and added bounce. Lastly, it is beautifully simple. More than the simple yet elegant look, the feel and experience is more than satisfying.

Below are the estimated Eve mattress prices.


Eve Mattress

Eve MattressTwin$549.00
Eve MattressTwin XL$599.00
Eve MattressFull$799.00
Eve MattressQueen$899.00
Eve MattressKing$1,099.00
Eve MattressCalifornia King$1,099.00

Prices subject to change. Last updated on March 18, 2019 6:14 am.

Getting to Know the Company

Jas Bagniewski and James Fryer were already engaged in the mattress industry selling reasonably priced mattresses online. In 2011, they sold $2 million worth of mattress in just one day on a Groupon flash sale.

This gave them the idea of recreating a mattress that can top it all, and they did with the help of co-founder Kuba Wieczorek who joined them in 2014. They first operated the company back in 2012 and officially launched in February 2015.

Jas came up with the idea that mattresses may seem to be quite elitist where only the rich people could afford to buy, and so they are the only ones who could afford to sleep well. He and his co-founders then started developing an amazing mattress that also speaks of affordability for everyone to get a chance to buy.

eve already made its launch in Germany after the initial launch in the UK last February 2015, and the company is expanding its operations in the US. It has sold over 75,000 mattresses across 18 countries in Europe and North America, and through customer’s feedback and reviews, they management has come to quickly understand what the consumers want in a sleep surface.

In its London office, about 15 employees are designated for logistics and branding. In San Francisco, there are six of them including Jas that focus solely on marketing.

Eve Mattress Specs and Features

There is only one type of memory foam mattress that eve manufactures, and it is guaranteed to be made from only the highest quality materials, manufactured and assembled in the UK. eve mattresses are made of the following top quality materials:

Plush Fabric Cover

  • The knitted cover of the mattress uses two-way stretch polyester for a soft and gentle feel when lying, emphasizing the effects of the memory foam underneath. The decision to use polyester is because of its hypoallergenic properties.
  • The sides are sparkly yellow textile with distinct airflow qualities for a cooling design and breathability.
  • The fabric cover uses Oeko-Tex certified materials, meaning they have been tested for unpleasant substances that are common in low-quality mattresses.

Contouring Memory Foam

  • Beneath that gorgeous-looking cover are four layers of responsive memory foam. Extensive research tells them that it is just the right number of foams for a full support and comfort. The foam is made to go along the contours of your body for ease of movement and it is designed to relieve pressure points.
  • The layers of foam surprisingly absorb disturbances, so your sleep will not be disrupted despite movements from your partner.

Breathable Cooling Layer

  • This three-centimeter cooling layer at the core is designed to let you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Compared to regular memory foam, eve uses a material that has 30% more breathability.

Supportive Base Layer

  • The base foam of eve mattress is a thick layer of highly resilient material. Its high density layer is what gives a strong foundation of the other layers of foam atop it. It provides just the right bounce, so you will feel the mattress pressing back in just the right places.

Guaranteed Mattress Quality

You will be assured that getting an eve mattress will last you 10 years before you consider a replacement because they have performed a compression testing on the mattress using a machine to simulate 10 years of wear and tear. The test also showed that the mattress would only indent an average of 2mm under normal, regular use. Needless to say, it would only indent 20mm in a span of 10 years.

Along with the guarantee of the highest quality mattress, there is also a 10-year warranty that covers any physical imperfections in the mattress causing it to lose shape or split or crack despite proper handling and normal usage. If your mattress is deemed worthy of replacement due to product flaws, eve will definitely exchange it with a brand new mattress within the given 10-year warranty period.

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