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Foreign Sleep Habits That May Lead to Better Sleep – Or Not

by Ultimate Sleep Staff

Sleep can be a controversial topic between societies and even between groups – and we aren’t surprised. In the United States, for example, people often sleep with their pets because of its benefits, such as pets providing happiness, relaxation, and warmth. But it isn’t recommended for everybody because of health concerns, particularly for people with allergies.

This is also true for the following sleep habits practiced by people outside of the United States. You may or may not benefit from these sleep habits depending on your existing preferences, lifestyle, and physical condition. You have to decide which ones can be considered in your own life for this reason.

Sleeping in the Buff in the United Kingdom

The practice of sleeping naked is prevalent among the British, according to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. Almost a third of the British like doing so most nights, and we can surmise that it means sleeping in the buff regardless of the weather.

Will it benefit you? Well, it depends because you may not like sleeping naked for many reasons, such as your sense of modesty, your anxiety about being caught naked in an emergency, or your sensory experiences. But you may also like sleeping in your birthday suit – or at least, with your undies on – when the weather is warm.

When making your decision, keep in mind that your body has to cool down so that you can sleep faster and better. You can take other measures aside from sleeping naked to do so, such as sleeping in a cool room (68 degrees is the recommended temperature) and taking a bath before hitting the sack.

You may also take a tip from Europeans who sleep directly on a fitted sheet and, thus, skip the top sheet in case sleeping naked isn’t your thing. You can then avoid being under excess layers during the warm summer months so you can keep a cool body temperature. You can still use a duvet or comforter, which usually has its own cover.

Many Restonic mattresses are suitable for use with just a fitted sheet so this should be an easy tip to adopt, too. You can add more layers as the weather grows colder or you can set the thermostat temperature higher.

Taking Siestas in Spain and Italy

The siesta is an afternoon nap that the Spanish and Italians, among other Europeans, like to take even with a packed schedule. According to the National Sleep Foundation, which also recommends it, this is a tradition that may have originated thousands of years ago when farmers needed the time to rest and refresh in hot and humid climates.

Nowadays, the siesta isn’t just about the nap time but, more importantly, about taking a pause during the midday. Many people actually go home, enjoy a leisurely break, and just relax, usually by napping for 30 minutes or so. Call it a power nap, if you are in the United States, and you will get the same benefits.

Napping Outdoors in Scandinavia

In Norway and Sweden, among other Scandinavian countries, parents often let their babies take their nap outdoors, whether it’s summer or winter. In many public places, strollers with babies inside can be seen parked outside of a store while the parents are shopping, eating and running errands inside. This is acceptable because of the high safety levels in these countries, according to news reports.

Why the al fresco napping? Parents believe that babies will be healthier when they are exposed to sunshine and fresh air. The children will then become less susceptible to sickness, a belief that even pre-schools and day care centers in these countries believe, too.

Should you let your own children and yourself take a nap outdoors? Again, it depends on your own preferences and beliefs. In the United States, many children sleep in hammocks during the summer and spring months with little to no risk to their health. The key here is to ensure that your children are, indeed, safe while napping outdoors, whether it’s from the natural elements or from human elements.

Saying Your Prayers in Mexico

Many Mexicans say their prayers before going to bed. But you don’t have to say prayers if you aren’t a believer because there’s another way to harness the power of your mind – meditation! Like prayer, meditation can put your mind and body into a relaxed state so that you can fall and stay asleep.

Plus, meditation isn’t like looking at digital devices and watching television that makes it more difficult to drift off. Since you will turn off the appliances and lights in preparation for meditation, your body responds to the stimuli by releasing more melatonin, the hormone that contributes to sleepiness.

These are tips for better sleep but, in the end, you have to adopt sensible sleeping habits every day, even before hitting the sack. These include a healthy diet and exercise program, avoidance of caffeine, alcohol and sedatives a few hours before bedtime, and stop thinking about your daily stress.

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