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Kingsdown takes pride in its smart mattresses that contribute to better quality of sleep and, in turn, to a better quality of life. As the company puts it, it may neither be the world’s largest nor the loudest mattress manufacturer but its mattresses are the smartest – truly, a difference that can only be understood and enjoyed when you sleep on it even for just a night.

Below are the estimated Kingsdown mattress prices.


Kingsdown Passions Fantasy

PlushTwin XL$644.84
PlushFull XL$662.39
PlushCalifornia King$873.14

Kingsdown Passions Imagination

Pillow TopTwin$821.50
Pillow TopTwin XL$836.86
Pillow TopFull$911.64
Pillow TopFull XL$954.68
Pillow TopQueen$935.34
Pillow TopKing$1,033.00
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,129.73

Kingsdown Passions Expectations

Pillow TopTwin$1,282.70
Pillow TopTwin XL$1,323.51
Pillow TopFull$1,429.75
Pillow TopFull XL$1,494.61
Pillow TopQueen$1,455.69
Pillow TopKing$1,765.74
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,622.45

Kingsdown Passions Aspiration

Pillow TopTwin$1,039.88
Pillow TopTwin XL$1,056.97
Pillow TopFull$1,156.95
Pillow TopFull XL$1,177.80
Pillow TopQueen$1,130.92
Pillow TopKing$1,395.95
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,351.79

Kingsdown Passions Inspiration

Ultra Plush Euro TopTwin XL$1,676.95
Ultra Plush Euro TopFull$1,766.95
Ultra Plush Euro TopFull XL$1,521.89
Ultra Plush Euro TopQueen$1,688.12
Ultra Plush Euro TopKing$1,972.72
Ultra Plush Euro TopCalifornia King$2,041.22

Prices subject to change. Last updated on March 18, 2019 6:14 am.

History of Kingsdown

Established by W.W. Corbett and A.N. Scott in 1904 in Mebane, North Carolina, Kingsdown has established a reputation for being a world-class manufacturer of finely-crafted mattresses with optimum durability, comfort and support as the underlying principle in their design and construction. While it has changed its name – it was first known as The Mebane Bedding Company – its commitment to handcrafted bedding products has remained, even grown stronger through the years.

Today, the bedding manufacturer maintains several manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Florida, California, Virginia and Texas in the United States as well as in Brazil, Australia, England, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

Kingsdown also prides itself on three aspects of its operations, namely:

  • Tests are conducted on every mattress to ensure standard quality from the factory to the store and then the home
  • Research and development toward the advancement of sleep technology with the goal of designing ever-smarter mattresses for better body alignment and, hence, optimum spinal health
  • Emphasis on pride for every product that bears the Kingsdown seal, a pride boosted by the fact that the company is employee-owned

Suffice it to say that Kingsdown mattresses are fit for kings and queens – or at least, for the kings and queens in your home.

Kingsdown mattresses come in three main types, namely, innerspring, intelligent, and latex foam. You should carefully consider the pros and cons of each type of mattress before making your choice, especially as it will be challenging to return the product and get a replacement for it.

Innerspring Mattresses

These beds feature a steel coil support system that come in two forms, namely, a single unit consisting of connected coils and individually-wrapped pocketed coils.  While both types offer sufficient comfort and support, keep in mind that there will be different levels of these aspects as well as different prices.  In general, mattresses with individually-wrapped pocketed coils provide more comfort and support but also have higher prices.

A few examples of the innerspring mattresses are:

  • Diamond Royale is touted to be a mattress with the ideal combination of good spine support and pressure relief despite its relatively simple design. Its materials include natural American wool, sun-kissed cotton, and muslin-wrapped coils as well as a two-sided design.
  • Downton Abbey was inspired by the award-winning drama, which explains its combination of rugged leather, delicate lace, and luxurious foam on a coil-on-coil construction design. Its foam component consists of responsive gel memory foam and supportive latex foam while its perimeter coils have tri-zoned support along the edges and center.

These are typically the more affordable options without sacrificing on the desirable features because the company believes in providing its customers with enviable value for money.

Intelligent Mattresses

These mattresses use one of three types of air, namely: air, active air, and pro-active air technology in delivering smarter comfort and support levels. The difference between the three lies in the level of adjustment possible – air mattresses cannot be adjusted in any way; active air can be adjusted manually; and pro-active air technology allows for intuitive adjustments of the support level.

Intelligent mattresses are the jewel in the crown of Kingsdown because of their intelligent design. A few examples include:

  • BodyPerfect is the first mattress with pro-active air technology that provide customized support during the night. With the intelligent mattress making intuitive adjustments even while you sleep, you will enjoy the benefits of correct body alignment (e.g., lesser back pains, better sleep quality). It comes with an Android tablet and dedicated app that sets alarms, manages individual profiles, and provides reports on sleep patterns and quality.
  • Sleep Smart is the first mattress designed with Kingsdown’s Intellimax technology, a set of smart features that contribute to better sleep quality. It is an adjustable mattress with three support zones for independent customized control for better lumbar support. 

While these are among the more expensive mattresses, you have to keep in mind that the benefits of an intelligent mattress are well worth every dollar paid for it. With better sleep quality, you can enjoy better quality of life, too.

Latex Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are manufactured with a resilient latex foam comfort and support system, which usually includes several foam layers in various densities, types and densities. The latex foam, for example, can be infused with gel beads for greater comfort and contouring.

A few examples of latex foam mattresses include:

  • Sleep Haven beds, which are especially designed to address the factors contributing to sleep quality – support, pressure, movement, and temperature.
  • Miro beds, which are made of liquid gel memory foam and cooling gel memory foam for the best experience in pressure relief.

Are you down for Kingsdown mattresses? You should be with these benefits.

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