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Eclipse is a world-renowned brand name that offers you unsurpassed sleep comfort. With more than a century of experience in hand-craftsmanship, you get superior quality that you can hardly get anywhere else. Behind Eclipse is a family legacy of mattress manufacturing, a commitment to tradition and the ergonomics of sleep, as well as a desire to make a difference in the sleep health of their customers.

Clinically proven to have an improved spinal zone that can reduce back stiffness and pain, you can expect, Eclipse mattresses to give you a better sleep quality overall.  They have a commitment to provide only the best manufacturing processes, design, and materials, a wide deal support network, quick and accurate shipping, as well as social and environmental responsibility.

Below are the estimated Eclipse mattress prices.


Memory Foam

Ultra-Deluxe 9" Gel Memory FoamTwin$469.00
Ultra-Deluxe 9" Gel Memory FoamFull$609.00
Ultra-Deluxe 9" Gel Memory FoamQueen$679.00
Ultra-Deluxe 9" Gel Memory FoamKing$849.00
Ultra-Deluxe 11" Gel Memory FoamTwin$539.00
Ultra-Deluxe 11" Gel Memory FoamFull$589.00
Ultra-Deluxe 11" Gel Memory FoamQueen$789.00
Ultra-Deluxe 11" Gel Memory FoamKing$969.00
Ultra-Deluxe 13" Gel Memory FoamTwin$659.00
Ultra-Deluxe 13" Gel Memory FoamFull$849.00
Ultra-Deluxe 13" Gel Memory FoamQueen$969.00
Ultra-Deluxe 13" Gel Memory FoamKing$1,999.00


10" Plush Gel Memory FoamTwin$849.00
10" Plush Gel Memory FoamTwin XL$889.00
10" Plush Gel Memory FoamFull$969.00
10" Plush Gel Memory FoamQueen$1,029.00
10" Plush Gel Memory FoamKing$1,199.00
10" Plush Gel Memory FoamCalifornia King$1,219.00

Eclipse International operates in multiple factories all over the globe, and they have a wide dealer network that helps deliver the highest quality experience to their customer network.

If you want an Eclipse mattress, chances are you’ll find it. And your life will never be the same again.

Company History

Eclipse International has been providing “a world of sleep since 1905.” Its roots began as early as the 1890s, when the spring manufacturing business of brothers Sam and Max Weisglass was emigrated from Ukraine to New York City. Eclipse Sleep Products was founded two years later, constantly growing until it became a formidable name in the East Coast’s bedding industry. 

Today, the company has grown in its commitment to sell quality mattresses worldwide. It has 21 factories that are located in about 6 continents, which gives you an idea of its breadth and scope. Aside from the factories in the United States (New Jersey, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas), Eclipse also has a factory in India, Korea, West Canada, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Russia, the UK, various parts of Southeast Asia, and China

This worldwide network and reach combines innovation and experience, giving you only the best.

Company’s Pride In Its Products

Eclipse takes pride in several groundbreaking technologies that allow their mattresses to stand out from the rest:

  • Life Edge Perimeter SupportIf the mattress perimeter doesn’t have enough support, people find that it always sinks and sags. With the butterfly spring supports that are inserted into the foam-encased rail border, Life Edge extends the life of its mattresses – at the same time giving you an edge to edge support system.
  • Spinal Zone Patented Sleep TechnologyThe exclusive technology reinforces the center-third section of each Eclipse mattress. Basically, the traditional innersprings in the material are framed by a border rod, and this is what gives you superior support.
  • Zone Quilt Patented Sleep TechnologyThe lumbar region of the mattress is reinforced with this technology, which gives you an additional layer of visco-elastic memory foam. The technology also pre-compresses the cushioning materials in the lumbar area, preventing mattress breakdown where it is common.

Available Collections

When you choose an Eclipse mattress, you can take your pick from the following options:


The Royal collection is defined by all the unsurpassed details that you get from handcrafting. It also makes use of luxurious materials like Belgian cotton, silk, wool, 100% natural latex, and the finest imported fabric – all to give you comfort like never before. You also get individually encased coil innerspring and high-density support and comfort layers that are made without the use of anything harmful.


The focus of this collection is comfort. You get a variety of mattresses that are made with premium features and materials, making sure that the comfort you’re looking for is well within reach. You also get Hand Crafted Lace Tack Tufted signature construction, which will easily remind you of the Victorian era.

Perfection Rest

This collection is all about achieving the perfection of a comfortable mattress, combining the latest technologies with the finest materials. You get layers of high density foam as well as a high quality base support layer that’s one of the best in the market today.

Contour Care

Leading-edge technology and processes characterize this collection, but there’s still that ode to the legacy of craftsmanship. Contour Care is a modern collection. The entire collection has the winning features that Eclipse is known for, but some of the mattresses have the LFK Zoned innerspring technology, which gives twice as much springs and support. 

Health Sense

The Health Sense line was made knowing that people have such varying sleep requirements, and it’s hard to get the best sleep if your mattress can’t support your back and its varying needs. Different people have different ideas when it comes to what the ideal sleep position is as well, and Health Sense takes this into consideration. One more thing sit hat this collection comes with a cool gel technology, ensuring that you get fully breathable material when you sleep.

Those who love their sleep will surely love Eclipse mattresses, and now you know what options you can pick from. With an Eclipse mattress in your bedroom, you are one step closer to sleep perfection.

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