Corsicana Mattress Prices

For over 40 years, Corsicana has grown to be one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the country, and they pride themselves in high quality American-made mattresses that give good value fore money.

As one of the industry leaders, it’s highly likely that you’ll find a Corsicana mattress where mattresses are sold. Corsicana Bedding is carried by a wide network of retailers, and they all know that they are partnering with a trusted industry leader. Aside from being drawn to the name, you’ll definitely be drawn to these mattresses because of their affordable options that are of great quality.

Below are the estimated Corsicana mattress prices.


Corsicana Arabella Graciana

Pillow TopTwin$529.20Order Now
Pillow TopTwin XL$554.40Order Now
Pillow TopFull$614.25Order Now
Pillow TopQueen$649.95Order Now
Pillow TopKing$800.10Order Now
Pillow TopCalifornia King$800.10Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Cora

Euro TopTwin$369.60Order Now
Euro TopTwin XL$395.85Order Now
Euro TopFull$401.10Order Now
Euro TopQueen$417.90Order Now
Euro TopKing$497.70Order Now
Euro TopCalifornia King$497.70Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Chenille

PlushTwin$476.70Order Now
PlushTwin XL$501.90Order Now
PlushFull$558.60Order Now
PlushQueen$586.95Order Now
PlushKing$659.40Order Now
PlushCalifornia King$659.40Order Now
FirmTwin$469.35Order Now
FirmTwin XL$495.60Order Now
FirmFull$522.90Order Now
FirmQueen$557.55Order Now
FirmKing$659.40Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$659.40Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Broyton

Pillow TopTwin$404.25Order Now
Pillow TopTwin XL$429.45Order Now
Pillow TopFull$437.85Order Now
Pillow TopQueen$449.40Order Now
Pillow TopKing$529.20Order Now
Pillow TopCalifornia King$529.20Order Now
FirmTwin$393.75Order Now
FirmTwin XL$420.00Order Now
FirmFull$421.05Order Now
FirmQueen$432.60Order Now
FirmKing$517.65Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$517.65Order Now
Euro TopTwin$389.55Order Now
Euro TopTwin XL$416.85Order Now
Euro TopFull$416.85Order Now
Euro TopQueen$425.25Order Now
Euro TopKing$510.30Order Now
Euro TopCalifornia King$510.30Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Vitalia

Pillow TopTwin$510.30Order Now
Pillow TopTwin XL$537.60Order Now
Pillow TopFull$586.95Order Now
Pillow TopQueen$606.90Order Now
Pillow TopKing$756.00Order Now
Pillow TopCalifornia King$756.00Order Now
FirmTwin$510.30Order Now
FirmTwin XL$537.60Order Now
FirmFull$553.35Order Now
FirmQueen$603.75Order Now
FirmKing$756.00Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$756.00Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Barrina

PlushTwin$452.55Order Now
PlushTwin XL$477.75Order Now
PlushFull$510.30Order Now
PlushQueen$541.80Order Now
PlushKing$652.05Order Now
PlushCalifornia King$652.05Order Now
Pillow TopTwin$452.55Order Now
Pillow TopTwin XL$477.75Order Now
Pillow TopFull$510.30Order Now
Pillow TopQueen$541.80Order Now
Pillow TopKing$652.05Order Now
Pillow TopCalifornia King$652.05Order Now
FirmTwin$452.55Order Now
FirmTwin XL$477.75Order Now
FirmFull$510.30Order Now
FirmQueen$541.80Order Now
FirmKing$652.05Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$652.05Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Owendale

PlushTwin$417.90Order Now
PlushTwin XL$444.15Order Now
PlushFull$465.15Order Now
PlushQueen$483.00Order Now
PlushKing$568.05Order Now
PlushCalifornia King$568.05Order Now
Pillow TopTwin$421.05Order Now
Pillow TopTwin XL$447.30Order Now
Pillow TopFull$469.35Order Now
Pillow TopQueen$486.15Order Now
Pillow TopKing$573.30Order Now
Pillow TopCalifornia King$573.30Order Now
FirmTwin$417.90Order Now
FirmTwin XL$444.15Order Now
FirmFull$465.15Order Now
FirmQueen$483.00Order Now
FirmKing$568.05Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$568.05Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Amadea

Euro TopTwin$369.60Order Now
Euro TopTwin XL$395.85Order Now
Euro TopFull$401.10Order Now
Euro TopQueen$417.90Order Now
Euro TopKing$497.70Order Now
Euro TopCalifornia King$497.70Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Merrick

PlushTwin$445.20Order Now
PlushTwin XL$471.45Order Now
PlushFull$500.85Order Now
PlushQueen$525.00Order Now
PlushKing$637.35Order Now
PlushCalifornia King$637.35Order Now
FirmTwin$376.95Order Now
FirmTwin XL$402.15Order Now
FirmFull$388.50Order Now
FirmQueen$401.10Order Now
FirmKing$449.40Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$449.40Order Now
Euro TopTwin$510.30Order Now
Euro TopTwin XL$537.60Order Now
Euro TopFull$597.45Order Now
Euro TopQueen$637.35Order Now
Euro TopKing$759.15Order Now
Euro TopCalifornia King$759.15Order Now

Corsicana Arabella Adalina

PlushTwin$445.20Order Now
PlushTwin XL$471.45Order Now
PlushFull$500.85Order Now
PlushQueen$514.50Order Now
PlushKing$645.75Order Now
PlushCalifornia King$645.75Order Now
Pillow TopTwin$445.20Order Now
Pillow TopTwin XL$471.45Order Now
Pillow TopFull$500.85Order Now
Pillow TopQueen$514.50Order Now
Pillow TopKing$645.75Order Now
Pillow TopCalifornia King$645.75Order Now
FirmTwin$445.20Order Now
FirmTwin XL$471.45Order Now
FirmFull$500.85Order Now
FirmQueen$514.50Order Now
FirmKing$645.75Order Now
FirmCalifornia King$645.75Order Now

Prices subject to change. Last updated on February 19, 2018 1:08 pm.

Company History

In 1971, Tipton Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in Corsicana, Texas. Its first purpose was to make furniture and bedding for the mobile home industry, but eventually they expanded to meet the demand for mattresses and sleep systems. For more than 40 years, Corsicana Bedding has produced mattresses that give you both quality and value for money. They have always aimed to focus on the customer and strive to give them the best value mattress that their money can buy.

Even if they have grown to become one of the biggest mattress producers in the country today, Corsicana Bedding remains focused on the customer’s needs. Also, they continue to manufacture all of their mattress brands in the United States, from coast to coast.

Through the years, they have established 8 production facilities across the country, and these are located strategically to give Corsicana nationwide coverage. This also ensures that all their products are delivered to retailers and customers efficiently and on time. From Corsicana (Texas), they also have locations in Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Washington. 

Company’s Pride In Its Products

The Corsicana name is known among retailers and customers alike, and that’s because of the pride that the company has for its products. This can be traced to the following features:

Proudly Made in The USA

The ‘Made in USA’ mark is more than a label, it’s a great source of pride for the company. Partnering with and patronizing Corsicana Bedding means providing local jobs and promoting local economies, and this is one of the things that Corsicana continues to be proud of.

Reliable Technology

Corsicana knows that there is no one single technology that can address that varying needs of sleepers. This is why they have a great selection of mattresses that each makes use of a different kind of technology, designed to suit a certain market segment’s needs.

Value for Money

Another differentiator that sets Corsicana mattresses apart is the value for money that they give customers. Corsicana knows that you don’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability, because you can give your valued customers both. Corsicana has years of experience in making and delivering high quality mattresses, and they continue to think of the welfare of their customers above all.

Available Collections

With Corsicana, you have several lines of good quality bedding to choose from:

Micro Coil

This collection is intended to provide support with personalized comfort, and that’s through ultra-flexible encased wire and individually encased springs. 

Luxury Hybrid

Breaking the boundaries of traditional comfort, this hybrid line makes use of two noteworthy technologies to produce the ideal mattress. The Quad Coil Technology gives unmatched support, while the gel-infused sleeping surface conforms to the body and ensures that the mattress is ultra breathable. 

Pocket Springs 

With individually encased pocket springs, this line of mattresses aims to minimize motion transfer between individuals. It has a wide foam encasement for superior edge support, and the material also relieves pressure from the joints. 

Premium Innersprings 

Backed by new technology, this line makes use of reversing offset coils and smaller coil diameters. The springs also come with an open, unknotted design, making it last longer and give better support. You’ll surely feel the difference with this one.

Memory Foam 

This line uses the latest in Visco foam technology, making it the perfect (and increasingly popular) alternative to the traditional spring mattress. Memory foam gives support like no other, as well as reduced motion transfer and pressure relief where it matters the most. 

Cool Reflections 

The gel memory foam sleep system of the Cool Reflections line focuses on giving you a cooler and more refreshing sleep. The gel-infused mattresses moderate body temperature and give you superior comfort, while relieving the pressure that your body feels in certain points.

Double Sided Traditional

This line is an ode to the traditional mattresses that you flip. With its dual-sided construction, you can make use of not just one but two sides, and that means the mattress can last twice as long. If durability and longevity are important to you, then this mattress line is the answer.  

Corsicana Bedding has been here for decades, and if you want to know why they are such a trusted name in the bedding industry, get your own Corsicana mattress and discover this beauty for yourself.

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