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The Englander brand has its roots in Englander Sleep Products, a bedding manufacturing company founded by Max Englander in 1894. Since then, the company has introduced several product lines for its range expansion, such as the Box Couch Bed in 1904; the Tenslon Ease sleep solution in 1957; the Nature’s Finest Natural Latex sleep solution in 1996; the Egel, a blend of gel and memory foam technology in 2011; and the Life Style line, a hybrid mattress combining encased innerspring coils and breathable foam for improved sleep quality.

Indeed, in its more than hundred years of existence, Englander’s sleep technology continues to change and advance while still remaining true to its vision – to combine the best of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary state-of-the-art technology. The goal: To provide consumers with the ultimate experience in sleep comfort and support.

As its original guarantee says it, you will enjoy better sleep, not by chance but by design. Such guarantee comes in all of its product lines, which come in such a comprehensive range as to address every need and want of everybody from children to adults and the elderly.

Below are the estimated Englander mattress prices.


Englander Double Sided Good

Pillow TopTwin$239.00
Pillow TopFull$309.00
Pillow TopQueen$419.00
Pillow TopKing$519.00

Englander Double Sided Better

Pillow TopTwin$419.00
Pillow TopFull$589.00
Pillow TopQueen$729.00
Pillow TopKing$909.00

Englander Best


Englander Gel Memory Foam Hybrid


Englander Hotel Collection

Pillow TopQueen$799

LifeStyle Collection

As its name implies, the LifeStyle Collection has mattresses with features designed to address every need and want, no matter your stage in life and no matter your lifestyle.  Think of it as the mattresses that can up the ante on your lifestyle aspirations, thanks to their luxurious feel and outstanding support.

Each of the mattress in the LifesStyle Collection has the following features although the actual foam thickness, number of layers, and cover will differ between models.

  • Micro-encased innerspring coils as the core with layers of latex and gel-infused, high-density memory foam for the surface layers. The reticulated high-density viscoelastic foam allows for maximum pressure relief and air circulation while the gel-infused layer offers a cooler sleeping surface. The micro-encased coils are designed to provide individual sleep support, which means little to no transfer of motion between two sleepers on the same bed.
  • Upholstered cover for an elegant appearance coupled with an air flow technology for maximum air flow.
  • Edge stabilization on the mattress for a better seating experience as well as to prevent rolling off the bed accidentally.

You can ask the mattress experts at Englander for more information about the features of each mattress in the LifeStyle collection.  Your curiosity will certainly result in a smarter decision.  

E-gel Line

One of the latest Englander product lines is the E-gel mattress range, which features the company’s CoolBlue Sleep Technology. The mattresses have the following features that contribute to improved sleep quality:

  • Permanently fused solid gel cells and memory foam, which has been proven more effective in providing a greater degree of body and spine alignment
  • Solid gel cylinders are strategically placed throughout the mattress for superior cooling purposes
  • Anti-microbial treatment to reduce the risk associated with the buildup of pathogens particularly bacteria
  • Dramatic absorption of shock

With regular use of an E-gel mattress, you should enjoy the benefits that come with it. These benefits include reduced pain on the pressure points (e.g., head, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and knees); improved spine alignment contributing to better posture; and increased sleep quality that, in turn, contributes to a better quality of life. Studies have proven, after all, that getting sufficient hours of restful sleep every night is a must for good health.

Nature’s Finest Collection

The latex used in the Nature’s Finest Collection mattresses are not just any natural latex foam but the best in pure, natural latex – and it’s certainly the best in terms of ultimate cushioning.  Due to its superior body-contouring properties, it provides both orthopedic support and luxurious comfort in one package. You will also love it that the material is considered as environmentally safe, thanks to its biodegradable nature, which means reducing your carbon footprint in the long run.

Lie down on one of the Nature’s Finest mattresses and you will appreciate the benefits of a relaxing sleep. You will even find that your body aches have been lessened because of the good support for your pressure points from the head to the knees. Your sleeping experience will also be better during all seasons since natural latex has better temperature control – warmer in winter, cooler in summer – aside from the fact that it has a no-motion transfer quality.

Other collections in the Englander range are:

  • ViscoPedic mattresses, which are made of memory foam with excellent body-contouring property (i.e., fast responsiveness to body weight and temperature for significant relief in the five pressure points)
  • Synergy mattresses, which are a combination of memory foam and natural latex resulting in the best sleep possible
  • Posture Support Plus mattresses, which are designed for plus-size individuals whose needs in comfort and support, even size, cannot be addressed by the regular lines

How well do the Englander mattresses hold up to the discerning tastes of contemporary consumers? According to customer reviews, approximately 70% of customers expressed satisfaction with the products.

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