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Spring Air is one of the most trusted brands in the world of mattresses. Since 1926, it has produced mattresses with signature durability, unparalleled back support, and comfort. Millions have trusted this brand for decades, and its name continues to be associated with premium quality.

Popular in many countries worldwide, they have pioneered some of the mattress technologies that we enjoy today – being a true frontrunner in innovation and design. You will find this brand name in almost every place that mattresses are available, and for good reason.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy mattress that will ensure a good night’s sleep and the best kind of support, you can’t go wrong with a name like Spring Air.

Below are the estimated Spring Air prices.


Backsupporter Sadie

FirmTwin XL$1,299.00
FirmCalifornia King$1,699.00
PlushTwin XL$1,299.00
PlushCalifornia King$1,699.00
Pillow TopTwin$1,249.00
Pillow TopTwin XL$1,299.00
Pillow TopFull$1,349.00
Pillow TopQueen$1,399.00
Pillow TopKing$1,699.00
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,699.00

Premium Collection Noelle

FirmTwin XL$1,099.00
FirmCalifornia King$1,499.00
PlushTwin XL$1,099.00
PlushCalifornia King$1,499.00
Pillow TopTwin$1,249.00
Pillow TopTwin XL$1,299.00
Pillow TopFull$1,349.00
Pillow TopQueen$1,399.00
Pillow TopKing$1,699.00
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,699.00

Premium Collection Antoinette

PlushTwin XL$899.00
PlushCalifornia King$1,299.00
Pillow TopTwin$849.00
Pillow TopTwin XL$899.00
Pillow TopFull$949.00
Pillow TopQueen$999.00
Pillow TopKing$1,299.00
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,299.00
Euro TopTwin$849.00
Euro TopTwin XL$899.00
Euro TopFull$949.00
Euro TopQueen$999.00
Euro TopKing$1,299.00
Euro TopCalifornia King$1,299.00

Value Collection Coletero

Euro TopTwin$629.00
Euro TopTwin XL$649.00
Euro TopFull$649.00
Euro TopQueen$679.00
Euro TopKing$949.00
Euro TopCalifornia King$949.00

Value Collection Lakota

FirmTwin XL$679.00
FirmCalifornia King$999.00
Euro TopTwin$649.00
Euro TopTwin XL$679.00
Euro TopFull$679.00
Euro TopQueen$699.00
Euro TopKing$999.00
Euro TopCalifornia King$999.00

Value Collection Tamarisk

FirmTwin XL$879.00
FirmCalifornia King$1,199.00
PlushTwin XL$879.00
PlushCalifornia King$1,199.00
Pillow TopTwin$639.00
Pillow TopTwin XL$879.00
Pillow TopFull$879.00
Pillow TopQueen$899.00
Pillow TopKing$1,199.00
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,199.00

Value Collection Northridge

FirmTwin XL$779.00
FirmCalifornia King$1,099.00
PlushTwin XL$779.00
PlushCalifornia King$1,099.00
Pillow TopTwin$749.00
Pillow TopTwin XL$779.00
Pillow TopFull$779.00
Pillow TopQueen$799.00
Pillow TopKing$1,099.00
Pillow TopCalifornia King$1,099.00

Memory Foam Mattress

8 InchTwin$389.99
8 InchTwin XL$399.99
8 InchFull$419.99
8 InchQueen$429.99
8 InchKing$599.99
10 InchTwin$419.99
10 InchTwin XL$429.99
10 InchFull$449.99
10 InchQueen$499.99
10 InchKing$699.99

Company History

Founded in 1926 by visionary Francis Carr, Spring Air has always been known for its innovative mattresses that are usually a step above whatever’s currently available in the market. It began with Carr’s free-end offset coil design, which takes into consideration the weight of the person sleeping in it and adjusts accordingly.

Spring Air introduced button-free technology, extra supportive bedding, and quilted surfaces in the late 1940s. The “Health Center” mattress, which has different zones for various areas of the body, was introduced in 1953. The Pillow Top mattress, on the other hand, was introduced in 1973.

Through the years, Spring Air has strived to give only the best to its customers – always improving and never hesitating to innovate and change for the better. Millions of customers have discovered the Spring Air difference, and they remain loyal to Spring Air as it continues to come up with innovative products that suit their changing needs.

At present, Spring Air has grown to become an important player in the industry. It has 13 factories in the United States, as well as 22 international licenses that allow it to have operations in 32 countries around the globe.

Company’s Pride In Its Products

From the first mattress it introduced, Spring Air has taken pride in three aspects that are present in all of their products:

  • Pressure Relief – All Spring Air mattresses are designed to relieve pressure from common pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and back. They use high quality foam and other materials that conform to the body’s shape and make sure that you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Proper Spinal Support and Alignment – Providing superior back support is a priority for Spring Air, and this is why they use only the latest technology to ensure that the open offset coils or pocket coils are of the best quality.
  • Innovative Construction – Innovation is almost synonymous to Spring Air, and one thing that sets their mattresses apart is the innovativeness in their construction. They also use unique materials that set their mattresses apart from the rest, such as Jomla wool and their 5-zone patented coil unit.

Available Collections

With Spring Air mattresses, you can choose from four main collections:

Back Supporter

These mattresses were specifically designed to provide exceptional back support as well as comfort that relieves pressure from the back, shoulder, and hips. This is made possible by the 5-zone pocketed coil unit, foam-encased design, patented eco-wood foundation, and premium latex and memory foams that all work together to take the pressure off your body and make sleep more restful.

Sleep Sense

Sleep Sense has a patented high-low design that relieves pressure from the shoulders and hips, while supporting the back fully. Its inner core construction and patented encases coil design take into consideration the most critical pressure points. You also get gel-infused memory foam, which cools the body and also gives additional pressure-relieving support. Premium latex, on the other hand, conforms to the body’s curves and eliminates pressure.

Four Seasons

Giving dual temperature comfort for all seasons, this mattress was first introduced with two sides: one made of high quality Joma Wool and the other made of cooling fibers. The next generation now features two levels of back support (maximum firm innerspring, ultimate conforming innerspring), high quality upholstery (Joma wool quilting, silk & fiber quilting, micro-encasing coils), and four luxury topper options.

Chattam & Wells

The luxury brand created by Spring Air, Chattam & Wells has a classic collection and a latex collection but both contain mattresses that are well-known for their unique features. Each mattress is handmade in the USA, with hand-tufting that provides a consistent level of comfort. Materials include 4-way stretch knit fabric with Tencel, natural Joma wool, high-resiliency and high density convoluted foam, non-allergenic polyester and rayon, and 100% natural Talalay latex, among others. Its core is designed with Hinge-Flex plus knotted offset coil, and manufactured with Lo-Pro fabric encased comfort to minimize motion transfer.

If you want a Spring Air mattress that will give you the best level of comfort and support, consult with your friendly mattress salesman now.

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