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Trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, each DUX or Duxiana mattress is a handcrafted masterpiece that’s made with the most advanced technology. DUX is a brand that can truly boast of the best in Swedish craftsmanship, and its name is well-known in the industry.

With Duxiana mattresses, you get customizable comfort that you can control. This sets it apart from the rest of the mattresses available in the market because DUX knows that each body is unique, with varying needs.

Below are the estimated Duxiana mattress prices.


Dux 1001

ComfortTwin XL$3,665.00
ComfortCalifornia King$6,500.00
ComfortDual King$6,500.00
ComfortDual California King$6,500.00

Dux 3003

ComfortTwin XL$4,445.00
ComfortCalifornia King$8,500.00
ComfortDual King$8,500.00
ComfortDual California King$8,500.00

Dux 6006

ComfortTwin XL$6,020.00
ComfortCalifornia King$11,540.00

Dux 8008

ComfortTwin XL$7,590.00
ComfortCalifornia King$14,680.00

Dux Axion 15

AdjustableTwin XL$7,390.00

For those with back pain, DUX is practically heaven-sent, with its dynamic contouring support and unparalleled pressure relief. When you lie down on a DUX mattress, you’re resting on 90 years of experience and credibility. This is why Duxiana is definitely a name that you can trust.

Company History

“Our beds should be the world’s greatest place for recovery,” says Efraim Ljung, the founder of DUX. Duxiana or DUX was founded as early as 1926 by the Ljung family in Sweden, and it has remained a family business since. Through the years, four generations of the Ljung family have helped develop the brand into what it is today – a trusted name in the world of bedding and sleep products.

It began when chocolate-maker Efraim Ljung started experimenting on the elasticity and strength of steel springs. He wanted to achieve the flexibility of the springs he found on a particularly comfortable bed in some hotel in Chicago. With the best in traditional Swedish craftsmanship, research, and engineering at its core, DUX has over 90 years of research and development to its name.

While DUX is known for its mattresses, the business expanded to sofas and chairs in the 1950s and 1960s. In the United States, the first showroom and officers were opened in New York, as early as 1977. In the 1980s, the DUXIANA store concept was created and now it’s a chain of design hotels.

Currently, DUX is represented in 22 countries, and you can find DUX beds in 88 stores worldwide.

Company’s Pride In Its Products

DUX, in Latin, means “leader,” and this is only fitting because the company has led in innovation and technology for close to one century. Their mattresses are made to correct sleep pressure and are proven to give you an extra hour of deep sleep. Their pride centers on several unique features:

  • Unparalleled spring system – DUX has a spring count that is unmatched in the bedding industry. Made of high performance, specially milled steel, each mattress contains up to 4,180 interconnected springs that give your body maximum support. The design of their mattresses targets spine alignment, helping to distribute weight evenly and maximize blood circulation.
  • High performance materials – From interlocking high-tensile steel springs to durable materials like cotton, pine, and natural latex, the materials used in every DUX mattress were specially chosen to give you both strength and comfort. DUX mattresses are subjected to strength and compression tests, to ensure that it can really give the support it needs to give, as well as last a long time.
  • Customizable components and support system – DUX mattresses come with a customizable Pascal® system, which means the spring cassettes are interchangeable, replaceable, and upgradable depending on your preference. This ensures that the mattress you have are truly tailored to your body’s needs.

Available Collections

DUX 1001

This is perhaps the best introduction to DUX brand of comfort and support, because it’s based on the original low-profile DUX bed that was created as early as 1926, with two layers of the signature coil spring construction.

DUX 3003

This has the DUX signature spring system, but it also has the Pascal® system, which allows you to customize the mattress to suit your level  and zones of comfort.

DUX 6006

The 6006 still offers personalized comfort, but this gives you an entirely new level of support with its dual base design – taking therapeutic beds to the next level. This is handcrafted from the finest materials and made with deep springs, allowing the bed to mold to your body.

DUX 8008

If lumbar support is what you’re looking for, this gives you comfort and luxury like never before. It contains about four times as many springs as what you would find in an average bed. This also gives you an entirely different level of customization, given that this has about six Pascal cassettes to support your body’s three comfort zones.

DUX Axion 15

With the Axion, you get all the best features fo the DUX sleep system but combined with the elevation capabilities of a bed that you can adjust any way you please. You can adjust the height and angle of this bed using the silent motor, with exceptional fingertip control and night glow buttons.

If a Duxiana mattress is what you’re looking for, waste no time and contact them today.

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