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Casper Mattress vs. Sleep Number

The Casper mattress vs. Sleep Number mattress comparison makes sense considering that these are among the up-and-coming brands in the competitive mattress industry. Their innovative approaches to mattresses make them among the closest competitors, too.  Casper is well-known for its online-only business model for selling its top-of-the-line mattresses while Sleep Number uses air-filled chambers in controlling their mattresses’ support and firmness level.

Which one is the better choice? Let’s take a look since the final choice in a mattress is influenced by a wide range of factors from price to number and types of layers. In turn, these factors affect the overall comfort and support enjoyed from its use.

Basic Company Information

Casper uses the direct-to-consumer business model thus enabling it offer its target consumers a more affordable price; the middleman fees are absent. The bed-in-a-box mattress design is also among the most innovative we have seen in recent years resulting in Casper mattresses’ increasing popularity despite the stiff competition.

Sleep Number sells its mattresses in various authorized sellers so it’s a more recognizable brand for the average American. The brand has established quite a reputation for the innovative design of its adjustable air beds. The users can then change the support and comfort level of a Sleep Number bed according to their needs; the change can be made via a dedicated remote.

Comparison of Construction

The Casper mattress consists of two layers – a thin top layer made of a material resembling latex but with a breathable open cell design and a thick bottom layer made of foam. The combination makes for a moderate resilience resulting in ease of moving and switching positions while in bed.

There’s then less feeling of the mattress being too firm that you feel like you’re stuck in it. The sleeping-on-the-bed feeling is a definite plus for people who dislike the sinking-into-the-bed or sleeping-in-the-bed sensation that memory foam toppers usually provide. Besides, memory foam toppers can become uncomfortably warm after several hours of use.

But if you’re looking for a mattress with a good bounce similar to a pure latex mattress, then the Casper mattress isn’t the best choice.

The Casper mattress is also a great choice for people who like sleeping in a few different positions. The foam material responds quickly when pressure is applied on it resulting in the ease with which you can change positions. The mattress also has a slightly firmer feel so it’s best for back and stomach sleepers, as well as for side sleepers with moderate weight.

Price Comparison

There’s also the price factor that appeals to customers. The Casper mattresses aren’t the cheapest in the market, far from it, but these provide the best value for the money, thanks to the combination of high quality and reasonable price.  Plus, free shipping is available to most areas of the United States, aside from the 100-night trial period offered.

The Sleep Number mattresses come in four categories, namely, the Classic Series, the Innovation Series, the Performance Series, and the 360 Smart Beds.  Each series comes in different models and sizes, too, so customers have a wide range of choices in terms of preferred support and comfort. The price ranges from around $900 to $5,000 and up.

Each series also build off on each other, so to speak. For example, the beds in the Classic Series offer standard features while the 360 Smart Beds are the most luxurious with their thick layers, extra features, and quality materials.

The most important feature of Sleep Number mattresses is their dual air chambers, a truly innovative feature that may add to the price but is well worth it. Basically, the dual air chamber makes it possible to adjust the firmness level of each side of the bed independently. The people who like it best are couples because they can each enjoy his or her own desired comfort and support level, known as the Sleep Number.

Yet another thing that we like about the Sleep Number mattresses is the convenience with which an interested individual can try out the mattresses in a showroom. The staff members will even make suggestions on the best mattress for your individual needs, not to mention that there’s a 100-night trial period, too.


Both Casper and Sleep Number offer its customers high-quality mattresses at reasonable prices, as well as a 100-night trial period where the customer can decide whether he wants to make the plunge or not. Both brands also offer mattresses in different sizes but Sleep Number has an advantage over Casper in that there are several models to choose from so there’s one for every need.  Casper beds also don’t come with adjustable firmness levels unlike Sleep Mattress with its dial air chambers.

This isn’t to say, however, that Casper mattresses are inferior to Sleep Mattresses. In the end, every individual has to make his or her choice between the two based on his or her particular needs and wants. You may, for example, prefer the Casper mattress because of its easier setup and and firmer support.

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