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Top 10 Tips in Cleaning Keeping Your Mattress in Tiptop Shape

As people spend ⅓ of their lives in bed, it’s just essential to keep it clean. The close contact you do with this furniture for long periods of time can easily expose you to whatever is clinging to your mattress, so you have to make sure that it is safe for your health at all times. Keeping it clean can also help extend its durability, making it even more important to properly maintain your mattress in the best way you can.

But how exactly can you do that? Here are some expert tips that you can try out.

1. Use a good bed base.

Support is one of the most important things to get when you sleep in your bed. The same thing applies for your mattress as it also requires proper support from a good bed base to ensure that it stays in proper alignment, allowing you to get the best support from your mattress when you lie down on it.

A lot of experts say that it’s best to buy the matching mattress and bed base together. For example, you’re getting a Simmons Pocketed Coil Mattress, it’s best to also get a Simmons Bed Base for it to ensure proper support and performance. Bed bases made by the same mattress manufacturers can guarantee you that they’ll be able to handle the weight of their own products and its sleepers. Sometimes, warranty policies also require such, so make sure to read the fine print as well when purchasing your mattress.

2. Air it out regularly.

When you sleep, you tend to sweat and release various kinds of bodily fluid. This is why beds are favorite breeding grounds of certain bugs and insects as they’re warm and moist. To ensure that your mattress is still hygienic and prevent bugs from taking over, airing out your mattress regularly is a must.

To do this, you can either move your mattress into an open space where it can catch some wind and breathe. If it’s impossible to move your mattress to a new location, you can at least strip it of bed sheets for a few hours to air it out.

3. Vacuum your mattress at least every week.

You can also commonly find dust, soot, discarded dead skin cells, and other debris on your bed. These things can easily attract bugs, as well as cause itchiness and allergic reactions, so keeping it clean is essential. To do this, make sure to vacuum your mattress on a weekly basis to ensure that your sleeping surface isn’t weighed down by dirt.

4. Rotate and flip every few months.

With daily use, the bed will eventually show some ruts and dents, especially on the areas where you usually lie down. This can create an uncomfortable sleeping surface and may even shorten the lifespan of your bed. So, to avoid these, regular rotating and flipping is a must. Doing these will even out the wear and tear of your mattress, ensuring that you’ll still have a comfortable space to sleep in.

5. Protect your mattress.

With all of the dirt that can go into your mattress, the best way to keep it hygienic is by protecting it. You can easily purchase a mattress protector from major manufacturers and even linen brands or you can double up your sheets and use both a fitted and top sheet to thoroughly cover your mattress. This way, you can create a thick barrier that can absorb more of your body fluids and protect it from dirt, keeping your mattress as clean as possible.

6. Clean your bedroom as well.

Sometimes, maintaining your mattress is not enough. Especially if your bedroom is riddled with dust, the dirt will easily find its way to your mattress or to you when you’re asleep. This can lead to severe allergic reactions that can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. So make sure to also tidy up your bedroom as well.

7. Replace your bed sheets and covers at least once a week.

Your bed covers are basically your mattress’ clothes. And since you spend so much time on your bed everyday, you’re almost wearing it as well. Changing these garments is essential to keep your bedroom hygienic, so make sure to change your sheets at least once a week.

8. Clean stains safely.

Accidents tend to happen, especially when you’re in bed. If you’ve spilled anything on your mattress, though, make sure to clean it safely. Don’t just pour soap on the offending spot and try to brush it out vigorously. This can damage the fabric cover and the chemical might react with the components of your mattress. There are tons of safe ways how to spot clean a mattress, so make sure to look for the right tips in doing such.

9. No monkeys jumping on the bed.

Bouncing on the bed may be fun for kids, but it’s not fun for the mattress itself. Doing this could damage the innerspring coils, leaving you with an uneven spring system and a wonky bed.

10. Make the bed a no go zone for your pets.

While pets are the most adorable things in the planet, they can be harmful to your sleep and your bed. They can pee, shed, and leave pet dander on it, all of which are bad for your and your mattress’ health. This makes training your fur baby to not go into bed with you, so you can ensure your mattress’ longevity.

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