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Sleep and Globetrotting: Travel Essentials to Guarantee Slumber

For some people, vacations are the best ways to pay off their sleep debt and reset their Circadian rhythms. Their getaways provide them the perfect opportunity to de-stress and be worry-free for a while. The change in routine is also great for sleep, as most people get too stressed out for catching some quality zzz’s because of their day to day activities. However, there are also those who just can’t sleep when they’re away from home. The new surroundings triggers their survival instincts, giving them light slumber while away from home.

Whichever of the two you might be, getting some sleep on your vacation is still essential. It isn’t exactly guaranteed that you’ll be getting a good dose of some zzz’s, so you should make plans for your slumber as well. This way, you can be sure to get the most out of your itineraries and so you won’t come back home feeling drained of all your energy and in much need of another holiday to rest.

To help you out in ensuring that you’ll get some sleep on your holiday, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Prepare to get Jet Lagged if You’re Traveling to Another Time Zone.

Traveling to a different country in a different time zone? Ready yourself to get jet lagged. Even if your just 5 hours late from your home’s time zone, you’ll still want to get to know how you can handle jet lag. This way, you won’t have to struggle falling asleep where you’re headed and when you come back home, allowing you to continuously get good sleep no matter where you may be. To do this, here are some handy jet lag tricks you can try.

  • Start syncing your body to the new time zone in advance. Especially if you’re staying there for a few weeks, it’s best to start adjusting to a new place on your own pace. If you think it’ll take a while for you to adjust, start before you leave if it’s possible.
  • Sync your sleep en route to your destination. If your travel time is long and you’ll be sleeping a lot on the plane, you should time it according to your destination’s time zone. Try to sleep when it’s late in the evening where you’re going, so you can start resetting your body clock as soon as you can.
  • Tough it out on your first few days and only sleep when it’s night time. This can be the biggest challenge when trying to adjust, but you’ll need to do it to better adapt to your new time zone and actually get to function properly.

Always Have a Sleep Kit.

If you’re not traveling outside of the country and jet lag isn’t something you need to worry about, a sleep kit could be enough to help you ensure quality slumber while traveling. Your sleep kit should include:

  • An eye mask. Light is the enemy of sleep, so if you want to doze off soundly, make sure to bring an eye mask on your every trip. This way, you can catch some shuteye even under bright lights or next to a window on a sunny day.
  • A few pairs of ear plugs. Noise is another problem when it comes to sleeping while travelling. Your co-passengers can be a bit rowdy or a baby might want to bawl their eyes out during the entire trip. Don’t let these things hinder your slumber, bring a few ear plugs on your sleep kit and be done with noise in a jiffy.
  • Comfy socks. If you easily get cold, one easy way to manage your temperature is by wearing a cozy pair of socks. If you’re traveling cheap and blanket won’t be provided on your means of transport, you can easily maintain your body temperature by just wearing some socks. Bonus points if they have a cute print.
  • Travel pillow. It’s hard to sleep if your head doesn’t have the right support. Bringing a travel pillow can easily solve this problem, so make sure to pack one along. It’s no Kurlon mattress, but it can make your travel a lot more bearable.
  • A travel blanket or a cozy jacket. If you can bring a blanket, make sure to pack one with you as it can keep you warm when you can’t adjust the temperature. If not, bring a comfortable jacket could also do the trick. It’s best if it’s a little bit oversized and with a hood so you can get really cozy in it.
  • Makeup remover. Especially if you’re travelling long distances, removing your makeup before dozing off is essential. This way, you won’t clog your pores and get extra greasy by the time you reach your destination. It’s also a lot more comfortable to sleep without any makeup, so why not give this a try? You can always retouch before you disembark the vehicle, so it shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Traveling may be tough on your zzz’s, but you can always make it a lot more easier for you. Hopefully, these tips prove to be useful for your next travels.

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