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13 Reasons Why Sleep Is Good For You

by Ultimate Sleep Staff

Sleep is one of those things that we tend to take for granted. We sometimes deprive ourselves of proper sleep or keep doing bad sleep habits that can wreck our body clocks because we don’t really fully realize the gravity of what we’re doing.

Part of it is also because we may not fully understand the benefits of getting proper sleep. Sleep is not only beneficial, it’s actually a necessity. And once we know its real benefits, we’ll value it more and never take it for granted again.

Here are the 13 reasons why sleep is good for you:

1. You can focus better the next day.

If you lack sleep, you’ll find that you’ll be so lethargic the following day. You won’t be able to concentrate on focus on the tasks at hand, and you will be in a zombie-like mode for much of the day. This makes lack of sleep counterproductive.

2. Your figure will thank you for it.

Sleeping properly will do wonders for your figure, even if this is not the first thing you associate with sleep. Lack of sleep not only slows down your metabolism, but it also messes with your appetite and tempts you to eat unhealthy food at unhealthy times.

3. You’ll be in a better mood.

If you’ve been cranky lately for no reason at all, it’s probably because you’re not sleeping enough hours.

Sleep deprivation messes with your hormones and makes you lethargic, so you’re more prone to crazy mood swings. On the other hand, getting enough sleep will improve your mood significantly.

4. You won’t get sick as often.

When you get enough sleep, all the organs in body are given the time they need to rest and recuperate, boosting your body’s natural ability to fight off disease.

Your immune system gets a boost as you rest at night, and the exact opposite happens when you deprive yourself of the rest you need. When you’re sleep-deprived, you’re more prone to catching disease.

5. Your memory will be in tiptop shape.

Do your brain a favor by giving it a boost, and you can do that by making sure you’re getting enough sleep.

Lack of sleep makes your memory hazy and it will feel like your brain is not functioning the way it should. If you want to be sharper than ever before, then sleep might do you good.

6. You can make better decisions.

You have no idea how many bad decisions sleep-deprived people make. When you lack sleep, you can’t really think clearly, and this means you’ll be making decisions that you haven’t thought through.

And while not all decisions are a matter of life and death, the little decisions we make on a day to day basis still eventually add up and affect us in significant ways.

7. You’ll have better chances of acing that exam.

There are many reasons why people consciously deprive themselves of sleep, and sometimes it’s because there’s a report to finish or an exam to study for. Well guess what – you’d probably do better if you sleep it off instead of staying up all night.

That’s because giving your brain the rest that it needs will make it function better instead of pushing it to survival mode and feeling like a zombie.

8. You’ll live longer.

Sleep prevents you from catching all sorts of diseases, helps your body function better, and therefore makes you live longer.

9. You can enjoy life more.

Life is meant to be savored and enjoyed, and you can’t really do that if you’re walking around like a half-asleep zombie most of the time.

Getting recharged for the day will allow you to maximize everything that life has to offer and just grab every opportunity that comes your way.

10. You’ll be more productive.

Whether at work, at school, or even just at home, sleeping increases your productivity significantly. So if you need to achieve results, you know that sleep will help you get there.

11. You’ll save money.

People may not think of saving money directly as a result of getting enough sleep, but when you really think about it, giving your body the sleep that it requires will give you more control over your time, energy, and health – which are valuable resources that can cost you a lot.

12. You’ll be happier.

When you’re sharper, healthier, more productive, in a better mood, and able to make better decisions, then you will be happier overall.

13. The people around you will be happier.

When you’re in a happy disposition and a more positive mood, then the people around you will be happier as well because you’ll be much more pleasurable to deal with. Being in a good mood can be contagious.

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